SWAT Christmas

I know it may be Christmas day and y’all may be wondering why is Coolguy moidering us on Christmas day. Well, to be honest, this year has been wild and our journey still continues and for once I feel like I should write to you on this day to wish you all a happy holiday. SWAT is a family as much as our real family is a family so ofc we want to give you a message on Christmas, we want to wish you the best and hope you all have an amazing day. The support we have received has been amazing and we are so thankful for it. An army is nothing without you, the troops, the staff and everyone involved. We cannot run without you so you’re the reason we’re here wishing you the best right now.

To those of you who may find Christmas time hard, I want you to know that despite it being Christmas, we’re only on the other side of the phone, all you have to do is dm us and we’ll be there. Yes, we’ll also be enjoying ourselves with our family but you’re our family too so never think you’d be disturbing us because we’re family and no one gets left behind.

I hope you all get what you wished for and I hope you have an amazing Christmas, we’ll be here when you get back ready to go again, aiming for even higher heights.

Gather around that tree, open your presents and be jolly!

Family is the most important thing about Christmas so make sure to treasure each and every moment with them. I know when you’re young time flies and these special moments are moments you’re excited for yet at the same time fail to realise how precious these soon to be memories are. So be merry and have a great Christmas! We’ll be excited to see what you got for Christmas too ❤️🤞🔥



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  1. SWAT has reached the end of another year, because SWAT will NEVER stop!

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