The SWAT Ceremony of 2022 Information/✯Legends Inductions December 2022✯

As the Club Penguin Army community and SWAT itself stays alive and pushes towards the future, there will only be more space and time for everyone to make their mark. Everyone new that joins this army every day has the chance to become awarded, praised, and recognized for their work here in the SWAT Army of Club Penguin. For the legends of the past, are here to serve the legends of the future. We wish to only see SWAT grow bigger and better than we had previously imagined, selflessly pushing SWAT to new heights, and recognizing those who help bring us there.
The SWAT Ceremony of 2022
This is a ceremony that will go all across this week (December 11th – December 18th), carrying on into our huge SWAT Civil War coming up this weekend. We will be recognizing the soldiers of SWAT with various medals and awards to recognize all the great troops of this army. Throughout this SWAT Ceremony week, we will be surprising you all in each event, handing out these medals. We want you all to know that your hard work does not go unnoticed, and you will be praised for it. Stay tuned in the Discord, and make sure you attend ALL of our events this week so you don’t miss it!
The SWAT Legends Inductions of 2022

As time passes, we will see new faces that enter this army, each one with the possibility of becoming a SWAT Notable Troop, SWAT Veteran, or even… a SWAT Legend. In this army, we honor our legends with much respect, and we lean on them to give us their wisdom to help create a better future for SWAT. There is people who have since they joined shown a different kind of loyalty, dedication, determination, hard work and effort towards this army. They set themselves apart from the crowd, and proved that they are legendary figures of this army.

First we have somebody that has been loyal to us for a long time, they have consistently led this army for a period of 2+ years, the longest consistent reign by any SWAT leader in our history. They have seen many leaders come and go, but one man remained in the position, watching SWAT both fall and rise to the top, holding their loyalty to SWAT true in their heart, leading through many major wars, helping the army reach up to the Number 2 position in the Top Ten under their leadership and maxing 60+, and 40 AUSIA most recently. They’ve been through many other golden ages as well and huge battles vs the likes of ACP, maxing 42+. They were there through everything and are somebody whose love for SWAT shines endlessly. They are somebody that will not allow SWAT to go down without a fight. Coolguy helped to lead through wars against many foes of SWAT, with the army maxing sizes of 30-40+ multiple times throughout the Discord era. Even when victory is seemingly impossible, Coolguy would fight until the end. Their loyalty is not something we ever have to question, they will always be on SWAT’s side. They have shown an immense amount of loyalty and inspired others to hold the same values. This person is…..

Secondly, we have somebody who has without a doubt managed to put in a legendary amount of work and effort into the SWAT Army of Club Penguin. They have led SWAT a few times and each time they have made a big impact on the army. They’ve recruited the upwards of 4000+ recruits into the discord, they’ve helped the army to reach and maintain the Number 2 spot in the Top Ten, helped to revamp the SWAT Legends page with new GFX and custom penguins for all legends. They are somebody who whenever SWAT needed a boost and called for them, they would be there without questioning once having an immediate impact on the army, helping the army see sizes of 40+ AUSIA and 60+ recently in the Summer of 2022 at a point where SWAT had been in a slump, but certainly had lots of fight left in it yet to be untapped. They have led other times in the past as well recruiting heavily for the army and helping to assemble a very strong team, doing all in their power for example in the war against the Templars, maxing 37 AUSIA, an unseen precedent before for the army and majorly contributing to defeating them in the war. Every time that they led, they set a legendary standard each time in the leadership, insisting that the army reaches greatness. This person is….

Congratulations to you both, and for all the troops out there in SWAT now if you’re still reading remember that new Legends will always rise up. Those that have been deemed as Legends cannot forever display the legendary actions that they once had and the new prodigies will carry on the legacy. We have to take advantage of every moment that we have, and appreciate what we have while we still have it, while preparing for a prosperous SWAT future.

Until next time,
Ganger90, SWAT Creator

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