✪】12/3/22 [UK] Operation: Christmas Chaos XII

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was an absolutely unforgettable day for the entirety of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, December 4, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST we logged in to the Battleground, Iceberg to partake into the first round of the Christmas Chaos XII tournament. We expeditiously paraded around Club Penguin Army Battleground and had an incredible max garnering an incredible 40 Agents. Since our previous event we managed to add another 3 troops to our attendance roster, immensely rising from 37 to 40 in just a single day. Though we were not able to defeat the Rebel Penguin Federation, we fought valiantly and were able to excel in tactics and formations alike. Most of all we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the amazing SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE beginning to our HISTORY WEEK Tuesday 6PM EST. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further and capitalize on our amazing momentum!

Max: 40

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(27/11-03/12/22) Agent Of The Week

A week has past and with the week’s passing, another Agent of the Week post is here as we crown yet another Agent of the Week. Let’s find out who it is!

Well this weeks passing has seen the Christmas Chaos’ entrance as it started for some yesterday but for us it starts today, Sunday. Despite the actual battle being today, we have been hyping up the CC for a lot longer and this week has shown people’s true colours as they shine through in many different ways to help SWAT breeze through the Christmas Chaos challenge that stands in our way.

Well for SWAT, this has been an eventful week with 5 events being held with much more work being put in throughout the army. Last Sunday we held an ausia event for our HCOM/STAFF to train, on Tuesday we held a bedtime-themed event for a bit of fun. Moving onto Wednesday, we held a tactical training event and with each event that passed, our maxes increased. With that said, we were maxing 26 by Friday’s formation training and 37 by Saturday’s Return of Ganger 90 event. With our maxes consistently rising, we hold high hopes for the Christmas Chaos battle to bolster our size once more.

Who came out on top of the charts in this busy week?

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