Interview with SWAT Leader Legoman

Today we saw two new LIT’s get promoted to Leader. One of these LIT’s was Legoman! Keep reading as we approach Legoman for an interview about his time in SWAT and his promotion to leader of SWAT.

Congratulations on your promotion, how does it feel to be a leader of SWAT?

It feels surreal. I’m super psyched to lead this exceptional army, especially because it has been my home for around 6 months.

For those who don’t know, when did you join swat and what were your aspirations upon joining?

I joined SWAT on July 21, 2020 as an ally from the Ice Warriors, and I very much enjoyed the positive community that SWAT had to offer. It was a smaller community than the Ice Warriors, but I felt it allowed for more individual attention between troops. My initial aspirations were to spend time at game nights, and flirt with and yui kiss my bae, Firestar08, in bot commands. However, I quickly began enjoying SWAT more and more, eventually leading me to enlisting fulltime during The Eagre Foray conflict. Ever since the start of the war I had always aspired to reach the rank of leader. The Eagre Foray was a great show of SWATs might, as we took on a major army and were a great contender on battlefield.

What do you plan to do now that you’re a leader and how do you plan to do it?

As SWAT Leader, I plan to grow the army immensely, through the use of my signature zoom call recruiting and additionally trying to give greater incentives for troops to attend, such as medals. I also plan to document everything in this generation to successfully ensure that this historic army’s history is preserved and paves a better way for future generations. I will also be reintroducing a familiar face to the army scene, in the form of my grandfather Poppy. But in all seriousness, I plan to also strengthen our staff and high command team, by finding those who are the future, and most dedicated members of SWAT, and training them to one day reach even higher goals than myself. I intend first and foremost to strengthen the incredible foundation that SWAT has constructed, and expand it so we can reach greater heights. SWAT is not only an army, but a family, and I will strive to make each and every troop feel welcomed with open arms into this army, as I was many months ago.

What advice would you give the troops trying to make it big within the army?

My advice would be to be confident in yourself, as I am known for having quite a large ego. My ego is actually mostly a joke, but its gotten to the point where I actually feel more confident in who I am outside of Club Penguin, though my “persona” in Club Penguin. Also, recruit, its one of the most invaluable skills and also try to find things that can really separate you from others. In my case, I began making custom penguins and graphics for SWAT, and actually discovered something I really enjoy. Also make sure missing one event doesn’t mean the end of the world, I know lots of armies are competitive for promotions, but everyone has lives and those should always come before Club Penguin (unless you’re simping). Finally, be friends with your leaders, my coleaders are some of the most caring and hilarious people I’ve met, and it truly feels like a family. This shouldn’t feel like work, it should be a service you do out of love for your family (and in some cases for internet clout/egirls). But family should always be the driving force, and it is an amazing motivator

Thanks for the interview, do you have any further comments?

I would like to thank the entire leadership team for being so supportive especially through everything. I would like to give a special thank you to SWAT Godfather Stare3000 also known as Oli for being one of my biggest inspirations, he recently left discord but he served SWAT with extreme loyalty for 11 years. He is not only a role model, but a friend that I am so lucky to have met. He was always a great person to chat about LEGO Mandolorian armies with at 4am, and the best leader the SWAT minecraft faction could have ever asked for. I would additionally like to send a big thank you to Doritos Leader 32op for multilogging during The Eagre Foray conflict, you’re a real one orange1. I would also like to thank local plonker, Kristina, for always being so sweet and such a joy to talk to. She always makes my day better and I’m very thankful for her, even if talking to her impacts my PC Gaming career. Last, I would like to thank the Ice Warriors for being my initial home, and I’m grateful for all the stupid stuff they allowed me to get away with before banning me. I hope one day I can rejoin their server without having to fake various accents. But in all seriousness, SWAT is a spectacular army and possibly the greatest community that I’ve ever been apart of. Ganger90 created this army in 2009 and the fact that it is still alive and thriving is incredible, and I will do everything in my power to carry out his initial vision. SWAT forever.

Legoman seems to be excited to have been promoted, especially alongside his fellow LIT, Susej. Now that SWAT has 2 new leaders we can expect to hear from both of them soon! We wish them both good luck in the role and hopefully, SWAT will rise once more!

Our next event is at 11pm EST so make sure to check out the event channels!!!

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  2. Congratulations to Legoman and Susej! Let’s GO SWAT!

  3. Love you LEGO, congratulations!

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  5. Congrats, Legoman!!

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