18/09/22 [EU] Training Event

Today SWAT logged onto CPAB for a training event. We were 1 away from our goal of 25 but nevertheless what a start to the week!

Let’s find out what happened!

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Agent Of The Week 11-17/09/22

Hello SWAT. Last week has been a different week for sure in SWAT with a lot of things happening in the army, including a server revamp as well as new faces appearing. However, despite these small distractions, agents have been fighting for the title once more. Who won it this week? Let’s find out!

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07/09/22 (UK) Operation: Sunny Skies

We aimed to brighten up your day as we held a yellow-takeover which meant that all troops would dress up in yellow as we prepare for future battles and wars. We trained hard while having fun during it with an igloo invasion!

Maximum: 18

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The Last Straw, SWAT Surrenders To Strawhats

After long pressure from the pirates from their search of the One Piece, they decided to finally declare war on the Special Weapons and Tactics which they could never get their hands on. Our weapons and tactics are crucial to finding the one piece…however, after many were thrown into the air by Luffy’s gum gum rocket we have decided to yield out of fear of falling from the sky

Please spare us!!! Let us go on our merry way! Let us have sunny skies again


Undeniable champions. Unbelievable pirates.

3/09/22 (AUSIA) Invasion of Mustafar

On Sunday, we invaded Mustafar, however were unsuccessful in our attempt. Despite this we maxed well and put up a good fight against the other armies. SWAT showed that it doesn’t just back down but stands up to all challenges it faces. Here’s how it went!

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SWAT Leadership Election Results

After days of campaigning and voting and a day of counting and verifying each and every vote, the results of the election has been confirmed, the votes have been verified and its time for a new era of SWAT to come into fruition. Who won though? Let’s find out

Throughout the week, those elected have been campaigning for votes, writing speeches, recruiting, creating a buzz in the general chat, asking for votes etc. The speeches were different but empowering, they helped engage the swat community further while letting each person know what everyone’s goals were and what they would do. These speeches are definitely a throwback to the old times in armies, the elections, the speeches, the site votes…all of it. However, this is the new age and a new set of leaders are going to be introduced so it’s a unique election.

During the end of the voting periods there was clear winners and losers with 1 person being right at the top and everyone else being way behind. However, all counts had to be verified so couldn’t be taken at face value. Now that they have been, I can say that there was no “clear” winner, it was a very close race. I wont say there are any winners in this election, only new leaders. The places don’t matter because of how close the votes were. However, the 3 leaders joining are clear. These 3 people have been working hard to try and gain leader, some longer than others. However, that doesn’t make any of them less deserving, the army has voted for these people to be in this position and now they shall lead the army into a new age.

The first person to gain leader is Rye Bread. They joined swat in June/July of this year and have been wanting create something different, something more unique to spice things up while wanting to grow the army further not just as an army but as a community. TLDR(?) rye bread got leader and wants to bring fun and glory to SWAT.

The next person is Toxic Storm. They have had multiple stints within swat but never gave up on their goals, they wanted to reach a place within SWAT and create an army to be proud of while wanting to create stronger relations with troops and vets, rewarding both kinds of community members for their services to SWAT.

The third and final person is Pandor. They joined SWAT more recently than the above 2, however, since coming in they have proved their hunger and desire for the role. They plan to create a bigger and better recruiting division while expanding our networks and relations.

These 3 people are completely different leaders and people. They have different ideas, different ideals and different experiences. However, as leaders they will come together to work together for the same goal, to take SWAT to new heights, to make even more changes to improve SWAT further. Let’s make sure to support these people and to help them in their quest to make SWAT bigger and better than ever before!

~ Signing off

Agent Of The Week 21-27/08/22

Last week was a hectic week for SWAT, full of changes within the server, changes outside the server and a war was on the horizon. The war is between SWAT/ WV,IW,TCP, HF (WITH). These armies have been battling against us since then, making the week even crazier and making the race for the top even more exciting. But who has risen to the top this week? Let’s find out!

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The Unholy Soldiers Exposed

This post contains content which may be offensive, younger readers are advised NOT to read this post as there is explicit content which is deemed as inappropriate as well as offensive in many different ways;.

There is a force within CPA which poses as “holy” soldiers, and yet they seem to be the most unholy people that you can meet, aside from a few…individuals. The Templars have dragged SWAT’s name through the dirt for years and even more recently they started to try and muddy it even more, despite the fact that their own troops call us a “snowflake army”. So tell me something TCP, how can a “snowflake army” be one of the dirtiest armies in CPA? The answer is nowhere to be found because there is no answer to it. SWAT barely allows swearing and you, well… you have, for years, allowed racism, you’ve allowed the racist leaders who have been caught saying disgusting things to remain in the army, you have allowed staff’s public opinions to be pushed under the rug, you have allowed homophobia to be pushed under the rug and yet here you are accusing us of being racist and what not when we DO NOT condone anything of the sort and any incidences of racist behaviour have been sorted on the spot.

Now, let’s get onto the evidence shall we?

If you haven’t stopped reading by here, we warn you that there is offensive, triggering and explicit content below so please, if you are young or if you may get offended by some of the things discussed, go off this post.

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The Response (Operation: Save L90)

Finally the ‘bad guys’ will respond.

When you find yourself in a community with armies that are constantly pointing the finger at each other, eventually they will make their way to your army. For the past few weeks, I have heard the most blasphemous and out of line accusations, generalizations, and laughable hypocrisy made about the character and morality of this great army from individuals that we have considered friends… people that we have called our allies for quite awhile, some that are truly SWAT at heart regardless of what route they’ve chosen to go recently, understandably so with the ridiculousness things other armies have put next to SWAT’s name. It’s a shame the quickness in which someone can turn their back on you. We are not an army to take disrespect and we are an army that will fight against all wrongs. This army that many have called home for countless years throughout the existence of this community and while nobody can claim to be perfect, we strive to give the safest and friendliest possible environment for everyone and we certainly show a lot more effort than the armies in which you fight alongside.
Viewer Discretion Advised

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IW Declaration
WV Declaration
HF Declaration
The Help Force
Sad to see from such a great rival and former ally of this army, relying on their allies for nearly half of their max

Clearly, we have 3 armies here that want to help each other and boost their maxes in armies that recently have been lackluster and evidently enough – that were ALL jumped in the Top Ten by the supposedly “evil” SWAT right before all of this, to supposedly fight against our bad morals. But wait, these people couldn’t possibly be allies with people that don’t properly moderate their chat and allow constant hateful, racist, homopobic, offensive language and offensive language of all kinds to be present around their young troops?
Wrong. And that’s why I present…

Operation: SAVE L90
Message to the Water Vikings & the Community

It’s alarming how many Water Vikings staff outwardly admit to racism, religious prejudice and homophobia all available to still see in their main chat – as well as making fun of those with disabilities. They continually make these same jokes within the server, as shown by how they are all never even deleted.
Concerned Viking Navy Soldier
Leader clearly present with a hateful and offensive message never deleted.
Continuous homophobic comments left in the server.

Threatening troops if they don’t log on (for the war vs SWAT)

A very offensive and disgusting comment allowed to stay in the Water Vikings server until this day, showing another poor example of moderation.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-272.png
There was never a discussion to ban veterans, in fact there were only efforts and discussions made towards getting them more involved with the leaders and army. The SWAT veteran and legend mentioned held equal perms with Legoman and Coolguy – with the exception of Aubz, who held the highest admin role in the server, apart from myself – and higher perms than both Greeny and Lukey. The only person who could have removed them from the server would be myself.
True Story to add:
The first ever Water Vikings troop, former leader and Viking Legend Moses (Mr. Pink) comes to Aaronstone concerned with the “pro-holocaust antisemitism” within the army. Viking Legend Jack283 agrees with the concerns. Apparently SWAT has poor “treatment of their veterans” but Aaronstone and the Water Vikings completely ignored their legends and continued allowing antisemitism as evidenced throughout the above screenshots. Before you accuse SWAT, why not look in the mirror – you might not like what you see.

To conclude all of this, remember what’s not genuine is not lasting. Especially when you are supposedly fighting for a purpose in which you don’t even hold up your own end of. And for those who decide to fight alongside them and are knowledgeable of this without question are hypocrites as well and have no place to speak. Those that were removed from the SWAT leadership – the actions in which they were accused of did not EVER take place in our server and we would never allow it to. Yet you say not a word about armies in which allow it to happen on the regular, whom you are allied with. Don’t worry, this is the last post like this you’ll get from me. Focus is redirected back on this army now and doing what we can to make it the best version of itself everyday. SWAT forever.

SWAT Speeches | Smithy’s Leadership Campaign



Around 3 weeks ago the SWATRULERS where maxing 40 nearly 50 and reaching #2 on the leaderboard.

Now you must ask yourself, where has this gone?

After the leadership of LEGOMAN we need a strong leader to follow in his footsteps and lead us even further. I, Smithy have the capabilities to convert these dreams into reality.

Now. What will I, Smithy bring to SWAT.

FIRST. I will establish a staff reform to strengthen our team which therefore increases our activity as a whole leading to more recruits, more penguins, BIGGER MAXES, MORE VICTORIES, MORE TT POINTS AND PLACEMENT, MORE LAND, MORE TROPHIES AND MORE GLORY FOR THE SWATRULERS!

SECOND. I will create trustworthy alliances with other armies and respect them as much as ourselves to prevent another backstab which we have witnessed from WV, IW and other armies.

What have I done for SWAT already?
Recruited 500+ recruits in a week.
Brought valuable staff and hcom to SWAT.
Recruited 100+ recruits while being on holiday.
Spent time and money to aid the growth of SWAT.