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10/23/22(AUS)Lost Lynx Takeover

Hey Agents! Today we logged onto CPAB and hosted a Lynx-themed takeover, it was so successful even the Templars showed up! Let’s see how it went.

Max: 17

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11/09/22 (US) Disney Takeover

Yesterday, we hosted a US takeover event for those who haven’t been able to make our events during the week because of their responsibilities in real life. Let’s find out what happened in this event!

Maximum: 18

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06/09/22 (Aus) Operation: Webslingers

For this event, on Tuesday, we dressed up in our Spider-Man costumes as we swung onto CPA Battleground to partake in a Spider-Man takeover training event. The event went as follows

Maximum: 15

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19/08/22 (AUS) Operation: Into Outer Space

On Friday we hosted a Star Wars takeover event. In which, we invaded a piece of land on the map dressed as Star Wars characters, appreciating the work that went into the making of the movies while also training and preparing for battle.

Maximum: 22

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Bedtime takeover 27/06/22

Swat logged on CPAB on Monday to host a bedtime-themed takeover. Swat troops wore their best bed outfits and we hosted a fun event!

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Hot Sauce Ninja Takeover

Swat held a Hot Sauce Ninja Event today (Tuesday)

Max: 21

21 in the pic (miscount)
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