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Wrapping Up 2021 – SWAT New Years

A new year is upon us and it has been a rough ride this year. No one expected us to have an easy ride, to be fair, barely anyone expected to still be around after Flash died but we led this generation of armies into it as those around us shut down. We stayed strong through the transition of flash to this new gen and we finished the year out stronger than ever.

Throughout the year we’ve seen many people come and many people go, new leaders emerge and old leaders go to the retirement home. We’ve seen SWAT at its lowest point and also we’ve seen it at a high point, we’ve won wars, we’ve won and lost battles, we participated in tournaments making sure no-one underestimates us as an army and we’ve become closer as a family, a strange one for sure but a family no less and we have come through all of the bad times and good together and those who have been with us through all of it are troopers for sure because some people get a sniff of the bad times and give up but there are some people who have been with us most, if not all of the year and have fought alongside us. We may be leaders but all of you is how we get our strength, how the army gets its strength.

Memorable Moments Of 2021

I’m going to go through some of the best moments of 2021, these best moments may not be the right word to describe all of the moments shown but these moments will be remembered and we highlight them for different reasons, each reason will be stated of course but I just wanna say that “bad” moments aren’t all bad and sometimes, when you really think about it, they can be within the best moments.


Before January we announced that we would be moving to another CPPS as Flash was going to shut down and the armies’ CPPS, as well as CPR, were both gone so many armies decided to shut down, however, we marched on to lead SWAT into this new generation of armies.

This of course wasn’t the only CPPS we tried, we tried NewCP too but none of these CPPS would ever be enough for us, not stable enough nor supportive enough and neither of them were as good as the cparmies CPPS. However, CPR was just around the corner once again and we were eager to see if it was just as good or better than it was before. Of course, CPR tried its best to filter armies out but we are a massive community using their game so they should be thankful. Moving to CPR seemed to be the best choice and we are still using it today so this moment makes the list!

Click here to read about our first event back on CPR.


While not too much happened in February, out of all the moments that we had I would say that the togetherness of SWAT really showed through as SWAT had a strong team and we were even maxing 26+ at staff-led fun events which were amazing to see, not just because they were staff-led but because of how people/staff pulled together to pull the events off together, leading as a team and pushing each other.


February also saw the induction of many new hcom members and 2 new leaders!


Oh come on, I had to put this in, I love the picture, gotta create the new working team of swat pic 😉

Of course in March we also had the march madness tournament, however, after defeating PIC in the first round, we lost to our allies Ice Warriors in the second round.


In April, we continued to see the rise in numbers in SWAT, we were even maxing 30 in U-leads which was incredible to do. SWAT was thriving inside and out and we were a force to be reckoned with for sure. We never backed down and we always thought about what was best for SWAT hence why we strode forward and always stayed alert, was hiring new faces and were all pulling together.

Also in April, we participated in the Spring Showdown which was a fun event with loads of different armies participating. In 1 room there were multiple armies and we dominated our rooms, covering all of the other armies that were in the room and proved, once again, that we are a major army and are not to be underestimated nor misjudged as an “sm” army.

We also held many other successful events and practice battles, one of which was against our rivals ACP. The picture speaks for itself

It was a close but well-fought battle


One of the most memorable battles were memorable at the time, but now that time has passed one of the most underrated battles was the battle we had against DCP and maybe even a visit from another army like the title says

Despite ACP showing up at the battle, we maxed 35+ and to top it all off, we beat them both LOL. If that doesn’t show how strong SWAT is then I don’t know what does. It shows our determination and what we can do if we all pull together as an army. That is one thing that cannot be forgotten nor understated!

Also in May, we saw a revamp of the Legends page and while this may not be a “massive event” or a big occasion, it was a special moment for the website which got the attention it needed in terms of being updated, it got new graphics and more! It even saw the addition of some names to the list of notable troops and other things.

The 27th of May also saw this SWAT generation reach the one year mark! The day before our anniversary we had a battle against ACP (classic swat LOL). This achievement was amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate the 2-year celebration with you all in 2022!!!!!!!!!!!


June was another crazy month, one of the things I’m putting on the list is the SWAT art gallery. SWAT agents submitted their own art and we saw some good submissions made including the one below from L90!

There were so many good submissions and it was something that SWAT hadn’t done before so it sure was a memorable thing to do and hopefully you’ll see another one like this soon!

The work is just amazing!!

June also saw the introduction of more invasions! We invaded land from the Red Ravagers, PIC and even defended land from SE. The month was a long one but a well-fought one for sure.


July was the month in which we held the event of truth. We questioned ourselves and if we could do better and so we held an event to prove that we could. SWAT was maxing 21+ before this event and even reached 30+ as shown in the months before but we wanted more, we always aim for more, we aim to be THE BEST. Click here to see how that turned out

July was also the month in which SWAT and Templars went to war. We fought hard during that war, winning and losing many battles, we saw many highs and lows, reaching high maxes but also seeing decreasing maxes in comparison. However, throughout the war, we never gave up, we stayed strong and we won the war through blood, sweat and tears – the SWAT way.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is copy-of-swat-opt.png
We maxed 36 in this battle!!!

Declaration of our win

We also saw the induction of Gracee as a leader on the 23rd of July! While they may not be a leader anymore, they contributed to the team and worked hard to get to where they are/were!


In July we had some leaders leave and we had Gracee join us and in August we saw the retirement of Firestar who worked in SWAT for a while before leaving. Read his retirement post here. For his retirement, we hosted an event and maxed an impressive 35 troops online to celebrate!

We also saw Mare’s 100th retirement post (Shhhh)


The start of September saw 2 new inductions to the legends list, these 2 people were former leaders and one is still leading to this day despite retiring! Mare and Kaliee both earned the title after retiring from SWAT and will be written in SWAT history!

With September being the start of the school semester for many troops, we saw the summer drop take full effect, however, despite this we continued through it and we learnt many things about SWAT and ourselves in this time and with these things in mind, we hope to make SWAT a better army for all and we hope to keep rising till we hit the top!


Way 2 Sexy War!

During October we also saw the formation of the POWERFUL ALLIANCE WESTERN BLOC!!!!!! What is funny is that we’ve all been enemies and we’ve all fought battles against each other and yet we’re the closest of allies – I guess war isn’t all bad after all.

The alliance is made up of SWAT, Silver Empire and Water Vikings

This alliance took on Help Force, ACP, PIC and RR and won many battles. While the war was ended with a mutually-agreed treaty, it was a well-fought war and we’re proud of our allies and the alliance as a whole for reaching even higher heights!!!! We’ve all had hard times this year with WV even shutting down, however, we have all grown stronger together and will keep growing stronger until we get to the top!


November saw the introduction of Camotes as leader after over a year of waiting! I bet it’s one moment he will not soon forget!!!!!


Also, we went into the Christmas chaos as underdogs with most judges thinking that we would lose against RR, however, this was not the case, SWAT emerged victoriously and from here we kept rising and reached points even higher in December! We had small maxes in October, some single digits, some double but this doesn’t matter because we learned from it and we improved internally and externally and hopefully we keep rising! Click here to read my post on it!

We arrive at the present day and there is one moment that makes me the proudest. Proud of SWAT and proud of our Alliance


Well, this year has been a while one but it’s definitely one to remember, we have had bad and good times, however, we have to remember these times and learn from them…grow from them. We have been together for a long time and we will continue to fight together in the future! Happy new year everyone, I hope you spend your time with your family and cherish every moment, I know I will. Thank you for the memories SWAT. Have a great night and may we spend much more time together!

Make sure to comment below on some of your favourite moments of 2021!