SWAT VS Help Force 17/01/23 (UK)

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✪】Incoming transmission from Coolguy 

On Tuesday, SWAT held an event which was a fun practice battle again Help Force. This was a fun PB and we hope that you all enjoyed it! GG HF! Y’all did well. Well, lets see how it went

Maximum: 19

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SWAT vs IW vs WV Battle 18/08/21

On Tuesday, we faced off against our allies Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. This battle was bound to be tough for many with 3 armies being in one room but the battle was fought and while there was no winners or losers, the battle was valiantly fought by the opposing armies.

Max 20

Thanks to all those who came!


Recovered: PB With Ice Warriors [Mandatory]

By: Goodjoker5

Hey guys. On Saturday we are having a PB with Ice Warriors. I want everyone to attend and to recruit as hell.

Practice Battle with Ice Warriors

When? Saturday August 10th

Where? Chinook

Times? 2 PM EST , 1 PM CST , 12 PM MST , 11 PM PST , 7 Pm UK/GMT