09/09/22 (UK) Candy Land

Today, we logged onto club penguin armies battleground for a candy-themed event to have some fun while training for what’s next to come. Read on to find out what happened.

Maximum: 16

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07/09/22 (UK) Operation: Sunny Skies

We aimed to brighten up your day as we held a yellow-takeover which meant that all troops would dress up in yellow as we prepare for future battles and wars. We trained hard while having fun during it with an igloo invasion!

Maximum: 18

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SWAT Leadership Election Results

After days of campaigning and voting and a day of counting and verifying each and every vote, the results of the election has been confirmed, the votes have been verified and its time for a new era of SWAT to come into fruition. Who won though? Let’s find out

Throughout the week, those elected have been campaigning for votes, writing speeches, recruiting, creating a buzz in the general chat, asking for votes etc. The speeches were different but empowering, they helped engage the swat community further while letting each person know what everyone’s goals were and what they would do. These speeches are definitely a throwback to the old times in armies, the elections, the speeches, the site votes…all of it. However, this is the new age and a new set of leaders are going to be introduced so it’s a unique election.

During the end of the voting periods there was clear winners and losers with 1 person being right at the top and everyone else being way behind. However, all counts had to be verified so couldn’t be taken at face value. Now that they have been, I can say that there was no “clear” winner, it was a very close race. I wont say there are any winners in this election, only new leaders. The places don’t matter because of how close the votes were. However, the 3 leaders joining are clear. These 3 people have been working hard to try and gain leader, some longer than others. However, that doesn’t make any of them less deserving, the army has voted for these people to be in this position and now they shall lead the army into a new age.

The first person to gain leader is Rye Bread. They joined swat in June/July of this year and have been wanting create something different, something more unique to spice things up while wanting to grow the army further not just as an army but as a community. TLDR(?) rye bread got leader and wants to bring fun and glory to SWAT.

The next person is Toxic Storm. They have had multiple stints within swat but never gave up on their goals, they wanted to reach a place within SWAT and create an army to be proud of while wanting to create stronger relations with troops and vets, rewarding both kinds of community members for their services to SWAT.

The third and final person is Pandor. They joined SWAT more recently than the above 2, however, since coming in they have proved their hunger and desire for the role. They plan to create a bigger and better recruiting division while expanding our networks and relations.

These 3 people are completely different leaders and people. They have different ideas, different ideals and different experiences. However, as leaders they will come together to work together for the same goal, to take SWAT to new heights, to make even more changes to improve SWAT further. Let’s make sure to support these people and to help them in their quest to make SWAT bigger and better than ever before!

~ Signing off

Agent Of The Week 21-27/08/22

Last week was a hectic week for SWAT, full of changes within the server, changes outside the server and a war was on the horizon. The war is between SWAT/ WV,IW,TCP, HF (WITH). These armies have been battling against us since then, making the week even crazier and making the race for the top even more exciting. But who has risen to the top this week? Let’s find out!

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27/08/22 (US) Operation: Raiders of The Lost Arc

Seems like today is full of surprises, today’s fun filled event was raided by 4 armies. While we were zooming on the race track, others were lost in space as they raided our event.

Thanks for raiding 😉

Max 20

24/08/22 (UK) Operation: Last Stand

On Wednesday, SWAT took to CPAB to invade yet another server to initiate operation last stand. Since this operation there have been multiple things happening including leadership elections. Stay tuned to find out how they go! As for this event, keep reading to find out!

Maximum: 22

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22/08/22 (Aus) Invasion of Uncharted Land

On Monday SWAT held an ausia invasion once again to claim more territory on the map. This helps SWAT to grow and to survive. While invading, we trained and prepared for any future battles we may have.

Here’s how it went down:

Maximum: 20

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21/08/22 (UK) Operation: Rapping ‘Round The World

On Sunday we held an event which was based around a rap theme where members would place their raps in chat to use them as tactics. Here’s how the event played out.

Maximum: 26

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20/08/22 (US) Operation: Top Hat Tacticians

Today, we hosted an invasion on another piece of land in style, wearing top hats. This was a fun-themed training event. This helped us to train for future battles!

Maximum: 27

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✪】8/12/22 [AUSIA] Operation: Unchained

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today, August 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST we logged on to the Iceberg of Club Penguin Army Battleground’s server, Warzone. Today was an absolutely FABULOUS day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Team of Club Penguin. This was an incredible event, and we are extremely impressed with this impressive performance. We were able to gather a strong max of 40 SWAT Agents online, growing over 11 troops since our previous AUSIA division event. Not only did we have a momentous max for the AUSIA division, we were able to complete our most essential mission – having fun! Thank you to all the devoted SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE BATTLE WITH RPF on Saturday 9:00AM EST! We are gaining 100+ members on discord a day, so make sure to attend to help us grow even faster!

Maximum: 40

Room One: Mine

Room One: Mine

Legendary event SWAT! Amazed at the success we have been experiencing recently and extremely proud of this historic training. Not only did we create a new standard for our phenomenal AUSIA Division, we also brought in tons of new troops! Lets continue this MOMENTUM! FIGHT4SWAT!

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief