11/23 Training for Christmas Chaos

It’s that time of the year. Yes, I am talking about the Christmas Chaos (CC) tournament! On Saturday, Nov 28, SWAT will be going against Pizza Federation (PZF) in the first round of CC. Troops logged on today to train and had a mini practice battle against their allies Ice Warriors.

Max: 30

Is SWAT ready to dominate CC? Are they prepared for PZF? See you all Saturday!

11/20 Practice Battle w/ ACP

One of SWAT’s greatest rivals, ACP agreed on another practice battle and here’s how it went down.

Max: 34

Thanks to all the SWAT troops for logging on such an amazing battle! Thank you ACP for bringing a great battle!

11/18 U-Lead Event

Its great to give troops a chance to lead the army in u-lead events. This gives SWAT a chance to try new forms and tactics.

Max: 24

What’s your favorite tactic or form? Who called that box dimension room?

11/16 Practice Battle w/ DCP

After DCP’s return back into the community, SWAT met on the battle field for an amazing practice battle.

Max: 30

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Based on the judges, DCP has won the battle due to size advantage. A few days after the event, DCP was caught multi-logging. So who was really the winner? Let us know your thoughts.

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10/27 Green vs Purple Division Battle

Troops were extremely excited to attend this generation’s first division battle. SWAT divided themselves into two divisions, Green and Purple. Many decided to go with purple as this was a new color for them and others decided to stick to the OG, green. Purple decided to meet at the Beach and the Green division gathered at the Snow Forts. Green was led by leader, Firestar08 and Purple was led by leaders, Mare, Kaliee and Coolguy. This battle was judged by Ganger90, Stare3000, and Sammi. Lets dive into this battle.

Max: 34


Inside Mine

Snow Forts


Overall both divisions did an amazing job. Congrats Green Division for winning the battle. Purple, don’t be discourage, there’s always next time! See you guys at the next event!


10/24 AUSIA Training

SWAT Ausia team is building themselves bigger and stronger!

Max: 20

Shoutout to all the troops that stayed up for this event!


10/21 Sneaky Skeleton Takeover

In celebration of one of our amazing leader-in-training’s birthday, Sneaky, troops logged on to have a skeleton takeover!

Max: 25

SWAT also had a surprise visit from Herbert P. Bear!

Sneaky, we hope you had the best birthday ever! Thank you for letting celebrating with your SWAT Family.

10/20 Oli + Aubz Retirement Event

SWAT logged on for a very special an event. Leaders, Oliver and Aubz have announced their retirement from leadership. Read more about it here.

Max: 35

SWAT will definitely miss them very much! Thanks to Oliver and Aubz for everything they’ve done for this community!

10/18 Fright-or-Fight Tournament

SWAT participated in the first round of the Fright-or-Fight Tournament against Ice Warriors.

Max: 23

It was a great battle against our ally! Congrats to IW making it to Round 2.

10/16 RED SWAT Event

Red SWAT was one of the most iconic divisions in SWAT. Troops logged on Fiesta to commemorate the iconic division.

Max: 28

It was great to put the Red Uni on for a change. SWAT has many more divisions coming soon! Stay tune!