✪】6/16/22 [UK] Oli’s Birthday Bash!

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today, May 31, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST we logged on to the Snow Forts of Club Penguin Army Battleground’s server, Battleground. Today was an absolutely INCREDIBLE day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Team of Club Penguin. This was an awesome event, and we are extremely impressed with this stellar performance. We were able to gather a whopping 28 penguins online, and thoroughly celebrate and honor Stare3000, one of our longest serving members and Godfathers. Though we did not qualify for our nitro giveaway, we got some great event pictures! Not only did we have an amazing max, but we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the loyal SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Pride Parade event on Saturday 3:00PM EST with the whole community! Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Maximum: 27

Room One: Town

Room Two: Iceberg

Room Three: Snow Forts

Spectacular event SWAT! Very glad we had a successful training, reinforced our UK Division and had a great celebration for one of our most dedicated members in history! Lets continue this MOMENTUM! FIGHT4SWAT!

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief