30/10/22 (UK) CPA Monster Mash Battle

Today (Sunday), SWAT participated in CPA’s Monster Mash Battle where we battled the Water Vikings and Army Of CP but who won this intense battle? Let’s find out!

Well today’s battle was a big one for SWAT as, originally, it was a 4-way battle seeing WV, ACP, TCP and SWAT battle it out to see who would be crowned Monster Mash Champion. However, with TCP pulling out, we saw a 3-way battle take place between us, our former allies WV and our long-time rivals ACP. SWAT always thrives on battles however, this battle was definitely one we wanted to win no matter how big, small, long or short the battle was.

Read to the end to find out who won!

Maximum: 27

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18/10/22 Magic Battle v Dark Vikings

Hello SWAT, we’re back with another event post. For this event we hosted a magician takeover (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo) while hosting a surprise battle with DV! This was a surprise for our troops but we both had a fun battle and even saw Domsamillion leading us to victory once more!

Maximum: 22

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15/10/22 (UK) BATTLE VS ACP

Today, SWAT hosted a battle on CPAB against our long-time rivals ACP. The fight was well fought on both sides. Congratulations to both armies for giving it their best! SWAT fought well and the battle was as heated as ever but let’s find out how it really went!

Maximum: 19

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✪】02/06/22 Battle vs Lime Green Army

Today, we battled the Lime Green Army in what turned out to be a battle full of surprises. From late starts to voided rooms this battle had it all, however, the SWAT troops fought hard even when they were getting logged out or their game freezing! SWAT troops stuck it out and kept coming back to put up a real fight!

Maximum: 20











Good game and congrats to Lime Green army for winning the battle! Although it wasn’t the best battle, both armies gave it their all despite everything that was thrown at us! The SWAT Team truly never gives up and neither will any of our opponents in battle! Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the server for our next event.


~ Coolguy

SWAT vs IW vs WV Battle 18/08/21

On Tuesday, we faced off against our allies Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. This battle was bound to be tough for many with 3 armies being in one room but the battle was fought and while there was no winners or losers, the battle was valiantly fought by the opposing armies.

Max 20

Thanks to all those who came!


CPR Training (January 27th)

We will be holding our first Club Penguin Rewritten event in 2021 on Wednesday the 27th of January!
CPR is another CPPS where we hold events on, similar to CPC2 and Cparmies.  There are little differences in terms of what we will be doing so nothing will be too new to you other than the CPPS itself.


:newcpuk:10:00pm GMT:newcpuk:
:newcpus: 5:00pm EST:newcpus: 
:newcpus: 4:00pm CST:newcpus: 
:newcpus: 3:00pm MST:newcpus:
:newcpus: 2:00pm PST:newcpus:
:newcpau:6:00am SGT:newcpau:
:newcpau:11:00am NZ :newcpau:

CPPS: https://cprewritten.net/
 Goal: Max 40+ and have a successful and fun event

We hope to see you all there!!!

Red/Purple/Green Battle

On Tuesday, SWAT had a massive practice tactic battle. At this event, everyone had the decision to choose if they wanted to be wearing the red, purple, or green uniform! The event turned out to be victorious and extremely fun. Thank you for all of those who attended!

Max: 27


SWAT Leader