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✪】12/2/22 [UK] Operation: Formation Training

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was an absolutely stellar day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, December 2, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST we logged in to further continue our vivacious expeditions and expand our vast array of formations. Since our previous event we managed to add an extra ten troops to our attendance roster. Most of all we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the loyal SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Return Event for our Creator Ganger90 Saturday, 3PM EST. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 26

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✪】Legends Cup Training / Invasion of Belly Slide [SUCCESSFUL]

Good afternoon, Special Weapons and Tactics! Today, we held an event to invade the land Belly Slide and practice for the Legends Cup coming up this Sunday, July 25th at 2:00 PM EST. The team successfully ended up invading the land! While the event was happening, everyone was practicing formation changes, tactic switches, and emote switches. Also, instead of opening up maps, everyone walked to different locations to practice formations in all types of different rooms! Read more to see a recap!

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A Guide To Army Warfare!

In armies there is more to warfare than just training and practice battles as many of you know, however, there are many that don’t know what else there is to armies. Well, we are once again reverting back to the style of army warfare that we were involved in just last year but what does this involve? Let’s find out!

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Relentless and Strong.

✪】 Attention agents:

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Today, June 12, 2021, the Special Weapons And Tactics army annihilated the Templars army over control of Ice Box. At this present moment, have won two major battles of this conflict directly back-to-back. Not only this, but we dominated and claimed our glorious victory in every single room of this previous battle. We are adept on the battlefield and have showed we can cause borderline humiliation to our enemies. The same enemies that once spoke so highly of their victories in this conflict, but are now resorting to making meek retorts and begging for battle reviews. This war has spawned chaos and this chaos is unfurling and cascading directly out from the mouth of the beast. However, amidst chaos, SWAT does not not back down. SWAT never backs down. We stave on and delve deep into the fray of battle with a lust for warfare in our very souls. Every ounce of us is fueled by the adrenaline of war, and we are prospering because of this. Thus, I decree: we shall continue in our quest to extinguish the once-mighty Templars and continue to spread our influence on this map. We are valiant, we are immaculate, we are impenetrable. We are SWAT.

‘✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

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✪】 Invasion of Ice Box [Success] 7/12/21

Today, June 12, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team logged in to Club Penguin Rewritten on the server Abominable to have a glorious war battle against the disgraceful army known as the Templars. This invasion was spectacular, resulting in an undisputed 3-0 SWAT victory. A massive thank you to every single SWAT agent that assisted us on this operation, as this triumph could not have been achieved without every single one of you. Thank you SWAT.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is copy-of-swat-opt.png

If you failed to read our previous post we are in a state of WAR known as Operation: Templaria throughout the entire Special Weapons and Tactics nation. We shall rally all of our glorious empire and summon them in their masses to quench the futile might of the dastardly Templars. We are strong. We are united. We are SWAT.

Max: 36, Avg: 32

Room One: SWAT Victory

Room Two: SWAT Victory

Room Three: SWAT Victory


‘✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Commander-in-Chief

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