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Agent Of The Week (30/10 – 5/11/22)

Here we are, yet again, with another SWAT Agent Of The Week post. It’s been an eventful week for SWAT but who will come out on top this week? Let’s find out

Well, this week has seen SWAT reach consistent sizes and it’s also seen SWAT move back up to major after a “drop” to S/M despite our consistency in the Top Tens. We’ve also reached #2 on the Top Ten once more, continuing to fight hard and grow as an army. While we didn’t reach our overall goal this week of maxing 30+, we will continue to aim high, fight hard and keep working on it!

During the week, SWAT held a total of 5 events. The first event of the week was a CPA League-hosted competition called Monster Mash where we faced off against the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin and won. On Tuesday, we held a tactical training event and following this we held a formation training event on Wednesday. On Friday, we held a fun-themed fairy takeover and to end the week off we held a fast-tactic event in preparation for our battle against Rebel Penguin Federation.

Throughout the week, our agents have been working hard to gain the roles. However, only one could be victorious. This person has been working hard, trying to attend all the events they can, they’ve been active in and out of events, they’ve been helping to VC Lead, showing their passion and enthusiasm and taking pics of events too! They’ve been showing that they’re a loyal troop and want to work hard to succeed. This person is…


Next up is Staff of the Week. Well, this person is no stranger to the AOTW posts as they earned themselves AOTW many times as a troop. However, this time, they’ve earned it as a staff member (once again, might I add), working hard, attending all 5 events, being active, vc leading, taking pics, showing their hard work in SWAT and overall just being a good staff member.

This person is…


Now, time for our last OTW, the Recruiter Of The Week. This week was a tie between 2 people. However, 1 was chosen for their work as a HCOM member, their activity, their recruiting, their motivation and hard work and also just to seal the deal, because the wheel picker chose them. They’ve been trying to help as many people out as they can while killing their non-existent sleep schedule.

This person is….

Thank you all for your hard work, passion and motivation. If you didn’t get it this week make sure you keep working hard because anyone can achieve these roles if you work hard. We recognise your hard work. This week was close for all of the roles above which shows how competitive this week has been amongst everyone in the army. Keep it up SWAT and let’s aim high tonight by going full force and meeting our goals for each event!

SWAT Forever!

Staff/Agent of the Week Interview

Today, we chose our newest Staff and Agent of the week. These people showed their encouragement and loyalty around the army. They are constantly helping out, always coming to events, helping everyone around, and constantly active members! We are so happy and would like to congratulate our newest STAFF OF THE WEEK, WilliamW2010#3770, and our newest AGENT OF THE WEEK, CHRIS183##0211! We were lucky enough to reach these amazing members and get an interview going with them! Read more to see what happened.

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Agent Of The Week 9-15th/08/21

Another week has past and another Agent Of The Week has been crowned, dethroning last weeks AOTW. Who has come out on top of the rankings this week? Keep reading to find out!

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Agent Of The Week – 02-08/2021

Another week has passed and another AOTW will be crowned by the end of this post. Well, who will be crowned as the new AOTW this week? Let’s find out

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Agent of the Week – Interview

After a busy week in SWAT another Agent Of The Week has been crowned and we’re about to learn more about them! The Agent Of The Week was crowned on Monday and in this article we will be interviewing them to find out more about them, what their aspirations are and much more!

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Another week has gone by and we have been AOTW-less for 1 week too, however, now it’s back and we’re ready to crown our new Agent Of The Week! Keep reading to find out more!

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Agent of the Week – Interview

Today, Special Weapon and Tactics was lucky to interview our special Agent of the Week, Chen! Chen has worked extremely hard in SWAT and was rewarded with AOTW. Read more to see how the interview went.

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