SWAT Speeches | Smithy’s Leadership Campaign



Around 3 weeks ago the SWATRULERS where maxing 40 nearly 50 and reaching #2 on the leaderboard.

Now you must ask yourself, where has this gone?

After the leadership of LEGOMAN we need a strong leader to follow in his footsteps and lead us even further. I, Smithy have the capabilities to convert these dreams into reality.

Now. What will I, Smithy bring to SWAT.

FIRST. I will establish a staff reform to strengthen our team which therefore increases our activity as a whole leading to more recruits, more penguins, BIGGER MAXES, MORE VICTORIES, MORE TT POINTS AND PLACEMENT, MORE LAND, MORE TROPHIES AND MORE GLORY FOR THE SWATRULERS!

SECOND. I will create trustworthy alliances with other armies and respect them as much as ourselves to prevent another backstab which we have witnessed from WV, IW and other armies.

What have I done for SWAT already?
Recruited 500+ recruits in a week.
Brought valuable staff and hcom to SWAT.
Recruited 100+ recruits while being on holiday.
Spent time and money to aid the growth of SWAT.



SWAT Speeches | Ryebread’s Leadership Campaign

Dearest SWAT, For the longest time, the Special Weapons And Tactics have had a special place in my heart. I’ve made great friends here, new or old, and lots of memories. I love all the current staff, all our vets, and troops. I intend to bring equality and respect amongst all of you, to be proud of the army I’m a part of. SWAT has one of the deepest and richest histories, and I’m truly honored to potentially be a leader here. Before writing this I’ll warn you that this may be long. If it is, there’s a TL;DR at the end 😛

Based on the recent events involving SWAT, anyone can recognize that there are changes to be made. I won’t go into specifics but in the end, SWAT needs to be refreshed. I wish to be as honest and open as I can as a leader, listen to my troops, but more importantly listen to my staff, vets and legends. YOU are the reason we exist, you are the ones who drive me to be the person I want to be in SWAT. You are the people who make me proud to be in this army and the people that motivate me to keep coming back. I will admit, that there are times I was ignorant, or gullible, but I can’t be that anymore. I won’t be that anymore.

From this moment on there will be changes made to the server’s events, look, and moderation. I want there to be more opportunities for the people who may not have access to CPAB, hosting more personal events, non-CP related, like movies or karaoke or game nights. I want people to come to SWAT because they feel like it and want to talk to the people in it, not because they felt the need to for whatever reason. I want people to use the channels we have; post their pets, their haha funny memes, use the economy system we have, and give suggestions that they genuinely feel would help the server! I want people to learn and be confident in recruiting, mentoring, hyping, and even hosting. I don’t want anyone to be scared of bigger tasks like recruiting. I feel that everyone is capable of doing great things in SWAT.

With me as a leader, there won’t be any hesitation when it comes to moderation in our server and CP events. No one should hesitate to DM me if a fellow member is harassing them in any way, or if they see someone else breaking rules. Again, my main goal is equality, and respect for all. In our Club Penguin events, I intend to have a clear rundown on what to do, and what not to do. These events are very serious for our army, and we must stay focused and not fall behind if we want to bring glory to the SWATRulers 😉. Similar to what Toxic Storm said in his speech, I intend for us to have more rewards for troops who deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. I want there to be more opportunity for everyone, and more growth for the community as a whole. I don’t want SWAT to survive, I want SWAT to LIVE!

So, here’s the TL;DR: SWAT will thrive, but only if you’re DETERMINED. With new leadership, one can only hope for the best, and that is what I promise to do… the BEST I can possibly do! There will be more creative opportunities, there will be more fun and positivity, and there will be more equality and respect. I hope that by reading this, it fills you with DETERMINATION! YEAHHHH!! GLORY TO SWAT!! Anyways I’m out, peace dawg. #RYE4LEADER

Sincerely, rye (ouigi) :blackheart:

SWAT Speeches| Pandor’s Campaign Speech

But how?
You know who I am. You know I have shed blood & tears for this army and her prosperity, and I have a thorough plan that will..

What is this plan?
In what I call “The Pandor Plan”
Move to grow SWAT by instituting an ACP-Style Recruiting Force
Pursue a rational moderation policy that will keep SWAT a safe & friendly community and protect our freedomsInstitute more community game nights and events
Expand SWATs alliance network with other armies



SWAT Speeches | Storm’s Leadership Campaign

Members, veteran, legends and guardians of our great army Special Weapons And Tactics, Active or Retired, to keep it short I intend to listen to everyone’s opinions no matter what their rank is and will keep myself available for any conversations the members in our server wish to have with me. I want to make SWAT fun and keep our members and veterans engaged and entertained, I want our members to be proud to be in SWAT and learn new skills needed in armies and real life. SWAT to me is a place to grow as an individual and a place to make good friends and I will be grateful for any votes that will be given to me.


For the long version I intend to make the reward system in SWAT more rewarding, I want to make our SWAT members be able to share their skills with each other to grow the army together. With my leadership I would like to implement more ways for our members to get better at recruiting, having fun at events and being able to enjoy all that SWAT has to offer. More training classes and conferences will be made to help us get closer and teach each other new tricks. I’d like to also reward the retired members by having a veteran lounge were they can stay in contact with each other more closely and I want to listen to all their ideas and try to implement what they think works best for them. I see every SWAT member as someone who should be treated with respect and honour. My rule values ideas, plans, knowledge and hard work. I want everyone to be rewarded for their hard work and I want SWAT to grow and get to the top spot and stay there as long as possible. It can’t be done without your help guys. Vote to whoever you see fit to lead but I hope you could help me build this army to the top with all of you. Thank you all for everything and


Swat Memories: SWAT Old Pins From 2020

In the past, SWAT used to use the site a lot, a lot more than we do now because we relied on it to save messages to the troops – to communicate in a way where no matter what time it was or when it was, people could see the post. Or even just see the post in a few years time for nostalgia or whatever the reason may be. Nowadays, we have Discord which is great for communication but once something is deleted, it’s gone, much like with most things. So I wanted to share with you all some of the old pinned messages from SWAT to save the history and for your entertainment of course. Enjoy seeing some of the old stuff we’ve done and said!

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Since the dawn of armies, SWAT and ACP have been at odds over the server of Mammoth and it’s been passed back and to between the 2 armies. However, now the ALMIGHTY MAMMOTH HAS RETURNED HOME from its scavage and will now take its place as SWAT’S capital once more. THE HOLY GRAIL OF SWAT IS HERE!

May 6th 2012
January 12th 2012 vs ACP
One of the first times we took mammoth
Created by SWAT leader, L90

From generation to generation, SWAT has always fought to keep Mammoth from everyone, not just ACP. This time will be no different, we will stand tall and march for Mammoth during our next event and we will never give up easily. Mammoth is our capital and we will honour its legacy! We shall start restoring Mammoth by hosting battles, marches and much more on CPAB.

Alongside Mammoth, we have reclaimed Cozy, Outback, Fiesta and Ice Cold!

To look at the full map click here

“We revisit those places where we experienced love, as pilgrims return to holy places, to be reminded, restored, and reaffirmed by them.”

“As I travel along in this world, I’m in awe of many things, like the colours I see in autumn or the flowers that bloom in spring. To me, there is no kind of awesome that any but home can bring, like returning to wake in my old bed to hear the birds sweetly sing.”

Our birth server, Mammoth is ours once again. Feel free to roam around and patrol Mammoth any time you like! FOR MAMMOTH!

  1. Suck it…. – Dwain
  2. FOR MAMMOTH! – Ganger
  3. Glad to see mammoth back in the hands of SWAT 💪 – Aaronstone
  4. Congratulations on reclaiming Mammoth! :biasalute: -IceQueen

We must keep growing, we need everyone to keep recruiting, joining events, learning, being active, helping each other out, making sure new recruits are told what we do here and hyping for events. We need to do this together for alone we are just a spec of dust but together we are an undeniable team! We are SWAT! SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS

Click Here to get linked to our next event and Here for our next battle



Introducing Me: An Introduction To Candy Fox

There are a lot of people within SWAT, some have been here for years and some have been here more weeks/months. I thought it’d be a good idea to get to know people within our army a bit more and in our first edition, we will be talking with Candy Fox.

Candy Fox joined SWAT in 2021. In fact, their first message on our server was just under 1 year ago on the 28th of July 2021. This was just after our stint in project conquest. While they may have missed our invasions and past wars, there hasn’t been a lack of excitement for SWAT nor Fox as we’ve witnessed many changes in SWAT with both new people coming in and old people going out. She was able to learn and work with both of these kinds such as Mare, Krill and even Fesk. 3 different kinds of people in different ranks with different experiences.

Candy Fox soon learned the ropes in SWAT and joined their first division – The Purple Division. While learning how SWAT works she was soon addicted. At the time we were using CPRewritten as a CPPS but since then we have changed CPPS’ and we are now on CPABattlegrounds.

From there she hasn’t looked back and has continued to work her way up the ranks in SWAT and has become a known name in SWAT, especially in the ausia division. On the 25th of October, she finally became staff after a while as SIT and while she may have had her good and bad times in SWAT, as we all have had, she has worked hard to work up the ranks to lead the ausia division to be the best that it can be.

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I love unbiased media

I love unbiased media.

I initially wrote this as a draft the day of the CPAHQ post regarding the Club Penguin Forever drama, but saw no reason to actually publicize it. In line of recent events with CPAHQ’s bias only growing stronger I thought it would be fun to enlighten the community to the shortcomings of their media tom-foolery. 

<Written May 28, 2022>

First I will be presenting all of the shortcomings present in the “unbiased” post. The sole purpose of CPF creating the entire Snowball was specifically for army use. We already have Blizzard, which is utilized for day to day use. Perhaps this could have been better communicated with the community that it is exclusively for armies but go cry about it if it makes you feel better. I also enjoy how it was never once mentioned that between our first and second event an anti-multilogging system was put into place on the server Snowball. Why only Snowball? Because myself and Floogal play this game with our friends at school. Seethe. CPForever was created by myself, Amman, Lola, Julian and Saber on April 25, 2022. This CPPS has only been launched for roughly a month but has still amounted a very solid playerbase. Once rejoining SWAT, I presented the idea of both entities growing alongside one another. The reality was that I have accomplished my goal and need no approval from a lovely top ten post. SWAT maxed 45 one week then 67 the next. These are the largest numbers in recent SWAT history. 

“Legoman is of course famed for being a leader of the most recent generation of the Night Warriors, which shut after being hit by significant multilogging allegations.” I did graphics for Night Warriors and led for an interview, but go off king. Thanks for calling me famous tho, really hiked up my already massive ego.

“Shockingly, if players did not get into the SWAT uniform, they were informed they would be removed from the server.” Server Snowball is just for armies, I personally was not aware of the removal until I received the pop-up, and you can view the attached video to see it was not myself executing the !broadcast commands.

“SWAT reached a total size of 68 penguins online, and despite not reaching the 80 penguins needed for the nitro giveaway, still gave away three nitro’s on the CP Forever Discord.” Ohhhhhh. I forgot it was criminal behavior to incentivize troops. How dare we offer rewards for promoting an army and a game at the same time. Nitro is a futile argument. Stop making a bigger issue and Vc up with me then we can talk big shawty.

“Some of the casual players seemed to be uncomfortable with needing to join the SWAT Discord server in order to receive their in-game coins.” It’s the screenshot of three messages by one person. It was clearly communicated that this was an army event in our announcements channel. This community has not yet experienced armies so confusion is warranted.

“unethical abuse of power.” Love my morals!

“Legoman used his status as an admin of CPF to falsely inflate SWATs sizes by virtue of promising in-game currency and Discord Nitro.” Again bringing up nitro. I’ve been MIA for a minute are y’all really telling me nitro is outlawed? Or is it just conveniently a big deal when I get into the picture? Seems inconsistent.

“It is another case of a shady figure in our community attempting to cheat the system in his seemingly endless quest to be labelled as an ‘army legend’.” Dirty ass nails babygirl you need to back up. Army Legend isn’t even my goal anymore but go off queen. I rejoined SWAT to have one final Hoo Rah within SWAT, not the army community. Cheating the system is hardly what I would say, especially when I specifically reached out to Spotty and DMT with inquiries regarding the removal of the Yukon sanctions from CPF. DMT acted as a self-righteous arbiter of CPPS justice as he proclaimed that multilogging needed to be removed off of all servers. As stated prior, when myself and my friends logon from our school it does not allow more than one of us to connect to the game at a single time, rendering it unplayable. DMT has no jurisdiction to tell myself and Club Penguin Forever how to run our game.

“This chicanery will not be tolerated by the community.” Girl bye you just said chicanery unironically go sit down.

“Have CPPS administrators offer items such as Discord Nitro for attendees Any attempts to find loopholes around this new rule can and will result in a complete ban of the associated CPPS.” Once again, why would Discord Nitro remotely be an issue if armies have using it the entire CPPS era. Throwback to the Amazon Gift Cards era! Love to see it!

“With this new Top Ten regulation going into effect immediately, the Special Weapons and Tactics will not be featured in tomorrow’s edition of the Top Ten Armies.” My guy forgot about our training on Wednesday that got 10. Go ahead and turn around.

“There is no doubt about their unethical use of the CP Forever platform to unfairly boost their sizes, and it will surely be met with distaste from other armies in the community that continue to operate within the respected ethical guidelines.” That’s the thing homie, is it not accurate that armies DM advertise and recruit from all the major CPPSes? So doing it on a wider scale is inherently bad. We are simply eliminating the middle man in this scenario.

“Will SWAT continue to use CP Forever, or will they revert back to CP Army Battleground?” I love this line because it truly shows how much research HQ did. We literally hosted a training on Battleground on Wednesday. There is no reverting back taking place. We have been using battleground ever since our return event, CP Forever was a method of doing massively hyped weekend events.


<Written June 2, 2022>

Oh wow [max]. Love how you are trying to exact your own personal vendetta for being banned from a discord server within your news site. I thought I was the one committing “flagrant abuses of power” tho???? All you king.

“We’ve heard rumours that a conflict between SWAT and the Secret Service could be brewing following your inauguration, what are your thoughts on this?” Damn I lead SWAT and haven’t heard those rumors. Guess I’m out of the loop. Clownemoji. Stop trying to instigate conflicts within your posts g. Go ahead and turn around.

“Will he be able to ensure the organic growth he’s promised for SWAT, or will Legoman turn to CP Forever for future events?” Looks like someone isn’t very well updated. Granted he and his pals were banned by SWAT Godfather Stare3000. SWAT has maxed 17 at an AUSIA Training and 22 at a UK Training both held on Club Penguin Army Battleground. *gasps in french.* Looks like we are already rolling in the organic growth, but some people refuse to see and accept it.

Keep my name in your mouth, it gives me stuff to talk about.

✪】[UK] Operation: Fill the Room

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was an absolutely stellar day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, May 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST we logged in to further continue our vivacious expeditions on the new frontier of the Club Penguin Forever CPPS. This was our second event to take place on Club Penguin Forever, and we are very proud of this performance. We grew in size by twenty-two. Most of all we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the loyal SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Reopening of our AUSIA division on Monday, 3AM EST. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 67

Room 1: Town

Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3: Cove

Event Video

Amazing event SWAT. Made me extremely proud. Let’s continue this upward trend and secure a new Golden Age.

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief

✪】[US] Battle Training

✪】 Attention agents:

Today, May 25, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST, we logged in to host a battle training on Club Penguin Army Battleground. We were able to have a calm training with some of our new troops! But, most of all we were able to accomplish our greatest mission – having a nifty time! Thank you to all the incredible SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE UK CP Forever Training on Sunday, 4 PM EST. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 10

Room 1: Town

Room 2: Night Club

Awesome job guys! Lets build some MOMENTUM!

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief