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Call To Arms: SWAT’s Christmas Chaos Past/Present

Attention all of SWAT, the Christmas Chaos is coming up and we will need EVERYONE’s help. But what is the Christmas Chaos? Well we’ll be talking about everything right here.

The Christmas Chaos is a tournament is a tournament which was first held way back in 2011. SWAT’s history in this tournament goes way back to 2011 and we will go through SWAT’s history in the CC in this post. However, SWAT has never won this tournament. Let’s change that, let’s become the first generation, the first SWAT team to grab that trophy with both hands and proudly say that we are Christmas Chaos Champions, let’s make history. Let’s aim for the win, let’s aim to be the team who wins this, let’s etch all our names in SWAT’s history with this monumental win.

Now, onto SWAT’s history in the CC. In 2011, SWAT participated in the CC, however, despite our name being in the running, we didn’t make it past round 1, not even putting up a fight. 2012 we gave a fight against Army Republic, narrowly losing in the first round once again. However, our site did get defaced during the week of the CC which could’ve led to the breakdown in the first round..

Moving onto 2013, we were up against our greatest rival, The Army of Club Penguin (ACP). The fight was real for SWAT as we aimed to defeat ACP once and for all, however, with a 8 penguin size advantage, we lost once again.

While our size wasn’t shown in this pic, we ended up maxing 20

We disappeared from the 2014 CC. SWAT shut down in October 2014 and didn’t revive until mid-December 2014 which meant we were too late to participate in the CC tournament. SWAT made its return to the tournament in CC in 2015 only to get disqualified for multilogging before the tournament began meaning C*mshooters would proceed to round 2 and we wouldn’t get a chance. We were also not in the Christmas Chaos in 2016, cancelling any chances to get further.

From then on, SWAT was considered as dead and didn’t come back till 2020. In late November 2020 SWAT faced Pizza Federation after many wars in our first round of the Christmas chaos since 2013. This was a massive deal for SWAT, however we failed to secure the win despite a high max.

In 2021 we aimed to overcome adversity and prove people wrong by going further in the CC than ever before. We blazed past Red Ravagers in the first round of the Christmas Chaos despite many of the admins/cpahq staff predicting a big SWAT loss. We proved the haters, in that moment, wrong. While ofc, they may not have been hating SWAT, they were certainly underestimating us.

This win moved us onto the quarter-finals against RPF, however, we were out-gunned which saw us bow out of the Christmas Chaos once more.

Despite all the highs that SWAT have had, despite all the years of work that we have seen in SWAT, it wasn’t until last year that we breezed past round one. This puts us in a position that is unique. We have the chance to make history once more in this generation of SWAT. We will be facing Rebel Penguin Federation in the first round once more, we defeated RPF recently in the LC this year before getting disqualified because of a person’s multi-logging outside the LC battle. This proved to us that we can do it and may have just set up this battle against RPF in the CC but now it’s time for our revenge, its time to write OUR story. It’s time to dethrone RPF in their campaign to win CC and all those who get in our way.

If we beat RPF in the qualifiers, we’ll go into the Semi-finals, a place where SWAT has never gone before in CC history. But we aren’t aiming for the Semi-Finals, no. We are aiming for the trophy! Our history is different for sure, it’s unique but it isn’t perfect, nor is it complete. However, we can write our own history here, we can go above and beyond to grab that cup with both hands and say, WE won this, WE have been where no other SWAT gen has been, WE have been writing our history for so long and now we have a chance to grab a trophy to show for it, for all our hard work. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day but SWAT can pull a W out the bag with EVERYONE’s help. So we’re calling on you, every single SWAT troop there has been to help us reach our goal, help us gain glory.

Lets go out there and WIN! LET’S MAKE HISTORY! The recruiting contest has also started so make sure you get in on that so that you can be in with a chance to win! LET’S GO SWAT!!!


[EU] 09/11 Battle With Water Vikings; Round One

Good evening, SWAT! Today was the first of many battles this week with the Water Vikings. Both put up a great fight. Lets see the results!

MAX: 23

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[EU] 06/11/22 Battle With Rebel Penguin Federation

Today was an exciting day for SWAT! Instead of our recent training events and takeovers, we logged onto CPAB for a practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation! Both us and RPF put up a great fight and it was a lot of fun! Let’s see how it went.

MAX: 23

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(UK)Rapid Tactics(11/5/22)

Today we held one our usual Saturday events focusing on our tactics and the speed on them. lets take a look on how this event turned out.
Maximum: 24

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Hello SWAT! To kick off the beginning of November we took part in some war training to see what we need to work on! Read on to see how it went:

Maximum: 21

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Leader Interviews: Toxic Storm

Welcome to Leader Interviews here in SWAT where we’ll be getting to know a bit more about Toxic Storm. We haven’t done one of these in a while with our last Leader Interview being ‘An Introduction To…’, however, we aim to give you a deeper insight into some of our leaders, their journey in SWAT and CPA. We want to be able to help you get to know a bit more about them as people too.

Toxic Storm first joined SWAT in 2020 but properly enlisted in August (2020), before retiring from the army just a month later. However, in this time, they rose up the ranks, making their own goals for their time in SWAT. However, of course, in 1 month, they weren’t able to complete them. They came back under a year later in May 2021 and started grinding once again to rise up the ranks. They were still aiming for the goal they held so long ago.

Their second run in SWAT lasted longer than their first run and they were able to rise up and even led some events before they were cast out once again, leaving the “famous naji2” as a troop of the past. However, despite all their troubled times in SWAT, they returned one more time for one last run this year in June 2022. Little did he know that this run would last longer than both of his previous ones put together which would see him still in the army 4 months later, and yet this time he would be leading, something he would never have imagined before.

From joining in 2022 he straight away came back into the HCOM team as a LIT, a role Storm is not unfamiliar to, and as soon as he came in he started to lead the ausia division with me as we aimed to make SWAT rise. Storm, of course, had his own goals in SWAT, however, he wasn’t giving in easily. Storm has seen the highs and lows of SWAT, the highs of 2020/21 and 2022 but also the lows of 2022 as well the other years

After seeing the highs of June, we saw the wars against WV, TCP, HF and IW happen just 2 months later and on the 2nd of September we saw 3 new leaders inducted following the decisions that were made regarding the leadership. Storm was just one of these new leaders, pledging to make the reward system more rewarding, host more fun events and reward hard work. Storm’s been working with the other leaders ever since to help SWAT to grow even more. One of the things he worked with other leaders on was the current bot/shop system in SWAT, putting a focus on updating it and make it more rewarding.

Enough background info, let’s see what Storm has to say about his time in SWAT, his goals, who he is and what his experiences in CPA are.

So, who is Toxic Storm? Many know you as SWAT’s leader but who are you behind this title?

Toxic Storm for me is a CPA veteran and an ordinary guy who goes to college, works out, produces music on YouTube and tries to forge many good friendships with the people he interacts with

What was the inspiration for the name?

I wanted a stage name for my EDM style music, at the time I liked the biohazard symbol and I liked walking in the rain, I combined both ideas and came up with Toxic Storm. I could have came up with something more creative but it is what it is.

So you produce music? What have you done so far in that area? Any examples?

I took a long break from it for about a year due to some RL things I had to deal with, but I am trying to get back into it slowly. Got some projects I’m already working on, hopefully I’ll be able to release some come back songs soon

You mentioned you’re a CPA Veteran, where were you before SWAT and where did you start out in armies?

I started out jumping army servers like Ice Warriors to search for mascot locations in 2010 and onwards, but my first official army was Shadow Troops in 2014, after that army I returned to the CPA community through Help Force in March 2020, then moved to Shadow Troops which later merged into Golden Guardians which later became Water Vikings. After my stay in GG, I worked with 4 other friends to make a meme army into a powerhouse, it was called Coup Crusaders and it was the very first army I lead and found with my friends. Around the time of CC, I joined SWAT as 4ic, Joined other armies like Elites and completed The ACPTR+ program. I reached Leader In Training rank by the end of the summer in 2020 (SWAT) , it was around that time I worked on a new army project with a friend and lead that army to the top with him, that army is The Secret Service. While leading SS I also lead the newly revived Shadow Troops with S Cargo. After all of that Wet Army penguins was created as a meme army but grew into something nice. Lead MCP in 2022. After all that adventure I had, I settled in SWAT in the summer of 2022 after being in it in 2020 and 2021 for some different periods of time, And that is a small summary of my CPA journey

Little naji2 in GG uniform

You’ve had quite the experience in armies. Do you think that this has helped you in terms of leading SWAT and, if so how?

It helped me know how the CPA community works, who to trust and who not to. I’ve lead with many former and current SWAT leaders and SWAT Legends, I had many experienced people help me improve my leadership skills and advance as a member in the community. Leading many armies have helped me know how to manage things in SWAT, how to try keep things under control and manageable. Having experience outside SWAT helped me take the good ideas and methods that different armies used and tried implementing them in SWAT. Leading SWAT was different than Leading any other army I have ever lead, but knowledge does transfer over, and that knowledge from all the things I have put myself into in CPA, it has shaped who I am and what I can do.

Storm as a SWAT Troop in 2020

Do you have any favourite memories of CPA or SWAT?

My favorite memory in CPA was when me and my friends destroyed a S/M army Alliance aided by DCP, when the Coup Crusaders were still at their peak. my Favorite memory in SWAT was when iI lead Ausia events with Coolguy back in 2021 and 2022.

You mentioned music but besides that, do you have any hobbies or things you do outside of SWAT?

I go to the Gym to work out in my free time and focus on my university studies. I don’t have much free time usually, so that’s all I can work on with the time I got.

Do you have any goals in SWAT or in CPA as a whole?

My goal in SWAT is to keep the peace and stability as long as possible and teach the new generation of leaders and staff how to become better at leadership. I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted in CPA but in SWAT, I’d like to be remembered as the leader who helped the army grow and the leader who helped teach important skills to future generations of SWAT leaders and Legends

May 2022

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the people/troops reading this?

I’d like to thank everyone who welcomed me back into SWAT in 2022 and for everyone who has helped me reach the position I am in now, and a special. Thank you for my great friend and mentor Coolguy who helped me throughout my CPA journey, inside and outside SWAT from the first day we met. True friends are hard to find in CPA and its a blessing that I had the privilege to meet many people I could trust in SWAT and outside.

Thank you to Storm for doing this interview and for his kind words. We appreciate your work in SWAT and hope you, the reader, have been able to get more of an insight into who Storm is. While it’s not been a straightforward journey for Storm, he’s stuck with SWAT and is now leading! After nearly 2 months of leading what’s to come next? Well only time will tell.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, make sure to comment on the post if you liked it and want to see more leaders/troops being interview.

Never Forget


Hi SWAT! For today’s event we logged onto CPAB in our Hank costumes at the Beach! Read on to see how it went:

Maximum: 14

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Oli Leader Inauguration

As you can see from the title, this post is an induction of a person into the leadership. This person is Oli. Now, there may be many questions about this and Oli’s journey in SWAT and I want to cover as much as I can in this post. I’ll try to do it the best I can.

Oli joined the SWAT server on the 18/02/21 and how he joined was quite funny tbh, while he was a person Ganger recruited, at first, many people thought he was a troll because people associated the name Oli with Stare3000 so when this new person came into the server with the name Oli some people thought he was trolling and he went from being “fake oli” to the Oli we all know and love today. Of course, many people still confuse him with Stare3000 but he is definitely known well in SWAT now. It’s funny because seeing Oli among many others grow has been amazing, he’s definitely grown during his time in swat and I’m honestly hoping to see him grow even more in SWAT and maybe becoming an icon in SWAT one day. Who knows what the future may hold.

In his first full month in SWAT he witnessed many battles against other great armies like IW, ACP, HF etc. He even witnessed the 2021 March Madness tournament which saw us beat PIC in the first round and go up against IW in the second round, putting up a good fight. He started progressing in SWAT from the get-go participating in U-leads and learning the ropes and how to lead even as a troop. He gained Agent Of The Week in April and with this came an interview which let those in SWAT get to know a bit more about Oli, someone who had only been in SWAT for not even 2 months.

Oli, love for dogs shone through but what shone through even more was his love for SWAT and the people within it. Oli rose through the ranks quickly and was involved in many of SWAT’s wars including our battles vs Templars in 2021 where we won the war against them. This was a big win for SWAT but it was one of Oli’s first war and he was able to rise up through the ranks even quicker thanks to this war, building his repertoire and learning from each and every tense battle

Since then, SWAT has seen many changes in the server, some roles, the events, leadership, structure, staff but there was a few constants in SWAT, some things that didn’t change and one of them was Oli as his loyalty shone through and he continued to rise to staff and even further up the ranks.

swat vs tcp

There was a time in SWAT that AOTW posts disappeared however, when they reappeared, Oli grab the Staff Of The Week title in January 2022, yet another status for him to grab as he continued to climb up the ranks, progress, grow and learn from each and every battle and experience

About 1 year after they joined, in February 2022 (I believe), they earned Head Of Hcom, which was a role/rank I implemented alongside others to really boost up the leader-in-training role and to get these upcoming leaders to become more hands on, get them to be involved and working alongside myself and whoever was leading at the time. Honestly, that role and them people that were in the role made the time in SWAT more enjoyable. Oli was one of those people in that role who I enjoyed working alongside and loved to watch grow into the role and become the HOH/LIT/Leader we knew they could be. Of course it’s been a while since that day, them times and now we see Oli in the LIT role once again that was re-named from HOH and we’ve seen them step up to the plate and lead, recruit, be active etc. Now he has grown up and he’s become a leader, and I’m so honoured to be announcing him as SWAT’s newest leader because time’s in SWAT have not been simple and I’m sure he will agree but he’s pushed through it, he’s learnt, he’s led, he’s become a recognizable person in SWAT and maybe he can become an icon too!

While writing this post, a couple of things come into my mind, one thing is my own experience in SWAT and when we decided to promote Oli to leader, I thought about how I was back in the day and how I can’t wait to see his reaction, how this is a big moment for both him and SWAT and how much effort and loyalty he’s given and shown us. Oli has been LIT for 8 months, when you say 8 months you think damn that’s a long time, when you say they’ve been LIT for… then it seems a tiny bit more reasonable but honestly, it’s still a long time, nearly 1 year of being a LIT, nearly 2 years being in the army… Now if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. We’ve not had it easy in swat and you have overcome a lot, a lot of people have been introduced as a leader while you’ve been in the LIT rank but now is your time to shine and I genuinely, as do other leaders, want to work with you and can’t wait to get started and to get you in there with us. Who knows where the future may take you but hopefully, we see successes for both you and SWAT in the near future!/

Now, it’s time for something that I know you probably wont expect, but again, expect the unexpected (as I used to say)…

Words from the leaders

Toxic Storm: Oli is like that old senior student who has seen a lot, yet is a chill person and is enjoying his stay while being nice and helping others

Ryebread: – My time in swat has made me meet so many amazing people, one of them being Oli. While we normally arent online at the same time, its great being able to talk to him when we can. He’s a fantastic leader who has been trained so well over the past months. Oli definitely deserves this promotion, after so much he has experienced in SWAT. Thank you for being so loyal, so kind, and overall the coolest dawg in SWAT!!

Coolguy: A fellow Chelsea fan, A fellow Brit, A fellow loyalist. Oli, ngl writing this post I’ve wanted to make it big, I wanted to make it special because I know this means a lot to you and tbh you deserve this, the chance to prove what you can do, what you’ve got, why you are a LIT and now a leader, what you’ve learned and to help SWAT rise. I can’t wait to start working with you and hopefully helping you on this one last step of your journey (becoming a leader).

Oli’s favourite footballer, what would this post be without it.

Congratulations Oli, we wish you well and can’t wait to get started and to work alongside you


SWAT Leadership Election Results

After days of campaigning and voting and a day of counting and verifying each and every vote, the results of the election has been confirmed, the votes have been verified and its time for a new era of SWAT to come into fruition. Who won though? Let’s find out

Throughout the week, those elected have been campaigning for votes, writing speeches, recruiting, creating a buzz in the general chat, asking for votes etc. The speeches were different but empowering, they helped engage the swat community further while letting each person know what everyone’s goals were and what they would do. These speeches are definitely a throwback to the old times in armies, the elections, the speeches, the site votes…all of it. However, this is the new age and a new set of leaders are going to be introduced so it’s a unique election.

During the end of the voting periods there was clear winners and losers with 1 person being right at the top and everyone else being way behind. However, all counts had to be verified so couldn’t be taken at face value. Now that they have been, I can say that there was no “clear” winner, it was a very close race. I wont say there are any winners in this election, only new leaders. The places don’t matter because of how close the votes were. However, the 3 leaders joining are clear. These 3 people have been working hard to try and gain leader, some longer than others. However, that doesn’t make any of them less deserving, the army has voted for these people to be in this position and now they shall lead the army into a new age.

The first person to gain leader is Rye Bread. They joined swat in June/July of this year and have been wanting create something different, something more unique to spice things up while wanting to grow the army further not just as an army but as a community. TLDR(?) rye bread got leader and wants to bring fun and glory to SWAT.

The next person is Toxic Storm. They have had multiple stints within swat but never gave up on their goals, they wanted to reach a place within SWAT and create an army to be proud of while wanting to create stronger relations with troops and vets, rewarding both kinds of community members for their services to SWAT.

The third and final person is Pandor. They joined SWAT more recently than the above 2, however, since coming in they have proved their hunger and desire for the role. They plan to create a bigger and better recruiting division while expanding our networks and relations.

These 3 people are completely different leaders and people. They have different ideas, different ideals and different experiences. However, as leaders they will come together to work together for the same goal, to take SWAT to new heights, to make even more changes to improve SWAT further. Let’s make sure to support these people and to help them in their quest to make SWAT bigger and better than ever before!

~ Signing off