Agent Of The Week 11-17/09/22

Hello SWAT. Last week has been a different week for sure in SWAT with a lot of things happening in the army, including a server revamp as well as new faces appearing. However, despite these small distractions, agents have been fighting for the title once more. Who won it this week? Let’s find out!

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04-10/09/22 Agent Of The Week

After a week full of changes including a delay in the AOTW announcement to make it a bit cleaner we see another couple of SWAT troops crowned as an OTW. Who will be victorious this week?

Another week, another set of events and another Agent of the Week. After a week full of surprises we see the end of a war with the AA alliance being declared the victors of the war over SWAT, leaving Straw Hats out of the equation. Swat were defeated in this war full of armies, however, it’s going to be the the start of a new beginning for SWAT. During the week, we held multiple events, on the Tuesday, we held out first event which was a Spider-Man Takeover, our second event saw us turn yellow on Wednesday. On the Friday we went to candy land and dressed up as candy doing so. On Saturday, we went old-school for a battle-training rather than a takeover and maxed 22, the highest of the week.

Our Agent of the Week has been working hard throughout the week and have attended all of the weeks events. They have been keeping active, recruiting trying to help out where and when they can. We love to see them in the events and around the server.

This person is….


Now for our staff of the week. This should probably be renamed to Broona’s fortnightly award LOL. Honestly, Broona has been unlike anyone else in SWAT, their work rate is non-stop and they consistently attend, recruit, welcome, register, stay active, they interact with everyone, they don’t stop even when they have reached a new promo or reached SOTW, they continue again and again. Never stopping. Thank you Broona


Broona and logical in their natural habitat, working hard together for SWAT’s cause

For this weeks Recruiter Of The Week, a troop who has been working to try and get a promotion, who has been keeping the community active with their streaming vc’s and their constant activity in chat and while they can joke about their SWAT activity, they are dedicated to SWAT and want to rise up even if they may want to do it fast. This person is…….


Thank you all for working hard within SWAT, everyone mentioned above and everyone not mentioned too. I appreciate all your hard work and honestly, SWAT wouldn’t be here without all your help. There are many people who never get mentioned either because they’re HCOM or because they just miss out on the roles however we do appreciate all your work and I definitely appreciate it. Thank you all. Everyone. It’s been real for sure. Keep working hard, keep making us proud.

United We Stand | Bleed Black | SWAT Forever

14-20/08/22 Agents Of The Week

This week has been yet another busy week for SWAT, many different things within the army taking place and many invasions also taking place. The first event was a Battle vs RPF on the Sunday, we then hosted a 9am ninja takeover ausia the next day. On the Wednesday we hosted a 5pm est fish takeover. On the Friday, we hosted a Star Wars takeover for our ausia event. To finish off the week, we got dressed up and put on our top hats to invade our final piece of land for the week.

Staff and Agents have been working hard throughout the week and many have been trying even harder to get the position of Agent Of The Week because of how much competition there is. It’s not an easy battle but there are winners to each battle and with our new position of Recruiter of the week, the competition is heating up even more! But who will prevail this week?

Well for agent of the week, there’s one person who has been working hard in SWAT, they’ve been helping new troops, welcoming them, helping them create accounts, attending events and even trying there hand at recruiting. It’s clear this person is putting in the work to rise up the ranks to gain their goal of reaching staff. This person is….

Agent of the week: Logical

The next award is for Staff Of The Week. This wont come as a surprise to many but there’s one person in SWAT who aims to become SOTW every single week they are allowed to. They’ve been putting in the effort, grafting away, dm’ing, welcoming, hyping, registering, being active, attending every single event, putting in the hard work and showing they have the motivation and drive. This person truly deserves this status this week, once again. This person is…

Staff of the week: BROONA

Now, it’s time for the recruiter of the week, with these awards I feel like I want to give y’all much more than a rank. Y’all have been working so hard. For the recruiter of the week, there’s 1 person who has been one of the main people in SWAT working hard, recruiting, dm’ing being active, attending every event. This person has earned their place in one of these 3 roles this week. This person is…

Recruiter of the week: Thunder222

And up till now we’ve had a normal AOTW post but I would like to say thanks to our hcom members, those who know they deserve to be mentioned will know. You’ve been massive a massive help along with our hard working staff members and sits. You deserve recognition. Thank you all

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for your time. Keep up the good work


Staff Of The Week Interview

Last week, was a busy week for SWAT and the battle for Staff Of The Week was a fierce one, with a couple of people in it to win it, battling it out for the role, working hard in/for us. However, it was Broona’s determination and hard work which clenched them the title of Staff of the Week

I decided to reach out to Broona to ask them about their journey in SWAT, their journey ato SOTW and about them as a person! Let’s get straight into it

How does it feel to be Staff Of The Week?

It feels pretty good! It’s always nice when you get recognised 🙂

It’s not your first time as an ‘OTW, what’s your secret?

A magician never reveals his secrets 😉 but I’ll say staying active is on my side.

Outside of SWAT, what are some of the things you enjoy doing?

Definitely going to the gym and gaming, also studying (don’t judge me by that)

Any games or studies you like in particular?

Minecraft and Valorant, top games for sure, besides that everything related to math has my full attention

You’ve been in SWAT for a few months now, do you have any favourite moments?

I wouldn’t say I have, but mammoth takeover and now getting top 2 were definitely two moments that stood out and showed what is swat and why it made me stay 🙂

What are your goals in swat? Where do you want to be by November?

Hopefully be a better staff and more involved so I can get even further and get promoted, definitely want to get hcom even though I know it will take a very long time and a lot of effort. But for now i hope to get at least one promo until November to prove myself that I’m getting better and doing what I need

Do you have any advice to those trying to become an OTW in SWAT

Mostly stay active in chat and attend as many events as you can! That will definitely help

Thanks for the interview Broona! It’s nice to get to know our staff more! Congratulations on your recent promotions too!

Well, Broona’s been working hard and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna be slowing down either! We love to see it! Keep working hard and don’t stop!

~Signing off

SWAT Forever

Agents Of The Week 07-13/08/22

Another week, another Agent of the week and Staff of the week, these 2 rankings have been noticed in SWAT for a long time but the competition for the role is always fierce with both agents and staff competing for the top spot. Let’s find out what happened!

This week SWAT had another busy week full of invasions yet again. On monday we held an alien takeover and maxed 45, we then maxed 29 in Operation Excellence the following day. On Wednesday we inducted Greeny as a leader and maxed 41. For our Friday’s ausia we maxed 40, reaching new heights and finally, on Saturday in an event that was hyped for just over 24 hours, we maxed 48 as we aimed to break the 50 goal.

For Agent of the week, we’ve had a lot of new troops join and become acquainted with our ways and our system. They’ve been learning and developing as troops, giving hope to other SWAT members. They’ve given inspiration to the staff and even us leaders who help them and watch them every day. The agent of the week is a fairly new addition to the army and within the short time they’ve been in the army they’ve achieved over 1k messages and have been promoting activity massively. They’ve done this while being on holiday too!

This person is…


The Staff of the week has been working hard, also, this week to cement their place as a SIT, they’ve been trying their hand at recruiting and trying to keep the chat active. While they may not be able to make every event, they’re trying to make up for it in other ways. this person will be surprised too. And this person is…

Jojo Teri

And now time for something BRAND NEW to our posts. We are introducing a Recruiter Of The Week. While we have never done this before, this week there are many people who have been working hard, getting new recruits in and much more. This person in particular has been developing their own skills in the recruiting department as well as keeping up with all the other expectations put upon them. However, due to their high ranking role, they cannot be acknowledged as a SOTW. This person has, however, worked hard and deserves to be recognised, this person is….


Congratulations to all those who became an OTW this week and a special congratulations to smithy who has become our first ROTW. I would also like to thank Thunder and every other person in SWAT who have been working hard but unable to be mentioned in the aforementioned positions. If you didn’t get it this week, make sure you try even harder for next week! The competition is fierce so be sure to keep SWATTING

Thank you all for your hard work this week! Until next time.

~Signing off

Never Forget

AGENT OF THE WEEK 31-06/08/22

Agents have been fighting for a while to become the new agent/staff of the week. With the website being down last week there wasn’t any crowned last week so I guess we should start calling this agent of the fortnight LOL. But no. This week was closely fought between many swat troops.

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Agent Of The Week

Another week another agent of the week. We’ve had quite a busy week with multiple invasions and also a tournament battle. SWAT has been growing a lot recently and we should be proud of what we are creating in SWAT, something to be proud of!

Agents have been fighting for the agent of the week all week with the first event being an ausia training, the second an invasion on the Thursday. On Friday we had another invasion which was held in the form of a Viking Takeover. On the Saturday there was the massive tournament battle which all troops were hyped for. While the week didn’t end the way we planned, all troops worked hard so picking an agent of the week should be hard for sure.

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Agent/Staff Of The Week 10-16/07/22

A new dawn, a new day, a new Agent Of The Week/staff of the week. Well this post has been coming for a while and we’ve been without an agent/staff of the week but now it’s time to award someone with this role once again

Agents have been working hard throughout the week, however, this week SWAT only held 3 events so this week will be tougher for people to stand out than our last AOTW. The 3 events we held this week were uniquely different from each other. One was an Ausia Winter Takeover which helped take our minds off the warm weather. Another was a ‘Creation’ event where we experimented with new forms and different tactics to see if they would work. The 3rd was battle training, in preparation for the tournament battle we have on Saturday the 23rd of July.

Despite only having 3 events, the people have been chosen and we’re about to find out who these people are!

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12/07/22 Battle training

Yesterday we hosted a battle training event, helping new troops discover what we do in the army, how to do tactics and formations and we worked on different tactics and ways of leading.

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Agents of The Week

This week SWAT held several events and over this week we’ve had many people working hard in SWAT to help us progress and to earn promotions within the server but who will be this week’s agent of the week?

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