Declaration of the Solution: Resolution War

Hello, agents!

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) has been bothered by this former ally who has only given a grain in exchange for our courtesy, aid, and wisdom. As a consequence, SWAT is now in a state of war.

Table of Contents

  1. Synopsis
  2. Revision of Relationship
  3. War Terms
  4. Upcoming Battles
  5. Insight: SWAT on the Map


The Dark Pirates of Club Penguin (DPCP), popularly abbreviated as DPC or just DP, has been overly competitive in the community, supporting its other allies. They have neglected the support SWAT provided them with. Other allies of this target had not contributed to their ally as much as SWAT had the Dark Pirates are also known for sending war plans against innocent armies such as the Winged Hussars (WH) in public chats. This diplomacy is unacceptable to us. While we progress to create friendly relations with the Hussars, the Dark Pirates might hinder the pathway.

Revision of Relationship

SWAT has supported the Dark Pirates with sizes, even immediately before times of battle. This alliance was short-lived. However, other allies of the Dark Pirates were even shorter. SWAT also sent large extracts of useful Discord bot code to help resource the DPC Discord Bot, especially event-related commands. Furthermore, even after the alliance concluded, Ganger90 and Legoman from SWAT repeatedly showed their love to DPC. Ganger90 used to send “DPC” in the chat, motivating other DPC troops. Legoman was helping the Dark Pirates by aiming to get Pirate of the Week. After all this, DPC concluded the alliance by hiding the truth. The Dark Pirates claim that they want neutral relationships with SWAT. However, this is not plausible; they send tactics against SWAT. Under DPC’s new leadership, the army was no longer shrewd with its diplomacy.

The Truth: Later, it turned out that the Dark Pirates finished the alliance to “gain more attention in the army society”.

Dark Pirates, breaking the alliance to seek attention certainly did not work out! The other person in the conversation is unknown.
Announcement of terminating the alliance.
DPC receiving support from SWAT.
DPC executing tactics to portray hate against SWAT. Wasn’t the army relationship supposed to be neutral after the alliance terminated?
Why are the Dark Pirates inciting hate against SWAT when a special discussion about their 1st anniversary is occurring? This is the army’s anniversary, cherish it with positivity!
Why terminate a brilliant alliance to fuel another ally’s satisfaction? The Dark Pirates lack fraternity.

War reason in short: Hateful tactics against SWAT; unfairly using SWAT as an ally, giving a grain in exchange for great support; breaking alliance because they wanted more attention in the army community.

War Terms

  1. Involvement of troops not enlisted in either army is not allowed. Meaning, allies are not allowed. Visitors to an army are not allowed either. Therefore, this is a 1V1 war.
  2. Withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form, such as withdrawing from the server map or the CPA league, shutting the army down, failing to attend 3 battles in a row, and so on, will constitute a forfeit of the war.
  3. Following this declaration, armies may not merge into another army until the war concludes. Any merger during the war will be considered invalid.
  4. Following this declaration, armies may not transfer land to another army until the war concludes. Any transfer of land during the war will be considered invalid. Meaning, all lands are locked.
  5. The losing or forfeiting army in this conflict must accept the terms of a force treaty imposed by the winning force.
  6. All scheduled invasions within this war must be scheduled on the Club Penguin Army Battleground (CPAB) Club Penguin private server (CPPS). Use of other private servers or games is prohibited in this war.
  7. Any attempt to exploit loopholes will result in an automatic defeat.
  8. Violation of any rules of the Club Penguin Army Battleground game will constitute a forfeit from the war.
  9. This is a map war. Therefore, all Club Penguin Armies (CPA) army league map rules apply.

Upcoming Battles

SWAT has scheduled the following battles immediately, initiating the war…

Battle 1

Invasion of Glaciar
Sunday, June 10th, 2024, 05:00 PM UTC
(01:00 PM EST, 10:30 PM IST, 01:00 AM SGT)

Battle 2

Invasion of Sleet
Tuesday, June 12th, 2024, 05:00 PM UTC
(01:00 PM EST, 10:30 PM IST, 01:00 AM SGT)

Battle 3

Invasion of Frozen
Thursday, June 14th, 2024, 05:00 PM UTC
(01:00 PM EST, 10:30 PM IST, 01:00 AM SGT)

We request all agents to report at these events upon call.

“The army community thinks SWAT is tactically the worst army, and we will prove that we are not. While they have not presented a valid reason for statement, we already know that the Dark Pirates suffer when they do not have allies. The Dark Pirates are also tactically weak, sharing war plans against other armies in public chats. SWAT alone without allies can win against the Dark Pirates, considering we have been above them in Weekly Top Tens all time and have won all practice battles we have had against them. We hope June 2024 to be an amazing month for our troops! While it is worth remembering that we must not underestimate our enemies, we must perform our best, as many unpredictable things might happen.”

Fun X Time
SWAT Commander-in-Chief

Insight: SWAT on the Map

Additionally, we would like to bring attention to the Agents about recent changes to SWAT’s territories!

SWAT currently possesses the following territories:

  1. Outback (Capital)
  2. Blizzard (Co-capital)
  3. Cozy
  4. Permafrost
  5. Deep Freeze
  6. Olympia

The Empire page of SWAT has been updated to reflect these changes.

We wish our Agents and the Dark Pirates the best of luck for the war. Agents, please approach events as soon as you receive the call! We have the probability to win against the rival only when determination is abundant.

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!

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  1. Attention, agent! Get ready for an amazing month ahead! The trophy is in your hands, you just need to show determination.

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