Objective: Relaunch and Reload

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

We have seen highs and lows within the past few months of this Glorious Army. Let’s make this a high as we enter Objective: Relaunch and Reload. This will come with the merger of our longtime allies the Dark Pirates, whose former leaders Ninja Leader and Tide will be joining us for Second-In-Command. Both are reputable members of this community and we are eager for them to start the next chapter in their CPA careers in SWAT. SWAT will be recognizing some of our very phenomenal hard-working HCOM who have gone above and beyond with promotions of their own.

Second-In-Command Promotions

Sabre (Saber) – The Irish Dude. Sabre has been a longtime affiliate of mine that I’ve dragged into a number of armies, but in SWAT they have shown insane dedication and drive. Leading war events and showing great potential VC leading (they were nominated for IW Best VC Leader in 2020 so…). They have earned this promotion through their fierce loyalty to the army, and their stark dedication to recruiting off movie star planet. Congrats on the 2ic you never got past in LMA.

FWAPO – The Fwaping King. FWAPO is an absolute soldier when it comes to doing everything he can to support and improve SWAT. I remember recruiting him and knowing he had great potential – which he has definitely proven right. He is from AUSIA but consistently stays up to attend events, as well as getting into other aspects of the army such as leading events and making recap posts. He always has such a phenomenal attitude and is very deserving of this rank. I watched you go from private to 2ic, can’t wait to see where you go next.

Third-In-Command Promotions

Akio – SWAT’s Loyal Cameraman. When I first recruited Akio in the Summer of 2022, I remember him being eager to learn about SWAT and wanting to make an impact on the community, and that is exactly what he has accomplished. Akio has shown insane innovation with the recording of so many historic events and wars (as well as other interesting videos), as well as immense versatility in VC leading. Akio has stepped up leading during wars as well. He has exhibited unparalleled dedication to SWAT and he is extremely deserving of this promotion to 3ic.

Ovron – Horseking Supreme Ovron. Ovron was initially brought to SWAT when I VC recruited his close pal Samurott and was originally the king of playing Land.io and getting disconnected mid-game. Ovron eventually got roped into the army game and was quick to help VC and Chat lead SWAT to success. Ovron has shown a true allegiance to the army and has been a phenomenal member of SWAT throughout his whole tenure, earning his place as 3ic.

HCOM Apprentice Promos

Ggogle – Ggogle da goat. This homie used to be a crazy TOS violator that was banned from SWAT in 2020, but he eventually returned with a strong will and fierce tenacity to help bring glory to SWAT. He was given this rank a few days ago, but I felt he deserved to be included with all his peers. He has exhibited great versatility, doing great in chat/VC leading as well as coming up with countless new ideas for the SWAT army. With a 3-year tenure and recent rejoining, he has certainly earned his place as HCOM Apprentice.

Mickey Mouse – The Z Wipe King. Mickey Mouse is an interesting one because if you told me he would be here a few months ago I would’ve been shocked. Mickey quickly rose to popularity for following in my irl recruiting antics, as well as leading the renowned tactic “BALLS BALLS MY PARENTS ARE GETTING A DIVORCE.” Mickey has always been dedicated to SWAT and has numerously volunteered to help with promotions and chat leading, earning him a place among our HCOM Apprentices.

Make sure to congratulate everyone for their hard work. I am extremely excited to begin Objective: Relaunch and Reload with you all. Thank you all for being fantastic and I’m sure you will one day see your name on this list. Signing off.

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

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