Statement on the War

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

SWAT Commander LEGOMAN and SWAT Intel. Agent KMCHII performing "Hey Little Songbird" - Hadesdown circa May 28, 2023. (LEGOMAN was inebriated).

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What’s good folks I’ll keep this short and sweet. SWAT is currently involved with the Bloodbath Barrage war against the Dark Vikings for a plethora of reasons which were addressed in our declaration. This war is currently our primary focus and will be for many coming weeks. We declared war and made a commitment to not only our Brother Allies but all signatories of the Sapphire Concordat. SWAT will be following through with said commitment. Through this declaration, we somehow managed to unite the Small/Medium community against the vile Dark Vikings. I am very pleased with our progress thus far in this war and cannot wait to see how we continue to improve!

As of May 30, 2023, the Special Weapons and Tactics hereby remove ourselves from the Club Penguin Armies Map.

Regarding the invasions by the Army of CP and Elite Guardians, I will let admins decide where specifically our land goes. If we did not have prior commitments we would be happy to partake in either war. Nonetheless, we appreciate the efforts made by ACP and EGCP to have a nice fun war and help keep the community alive. I extend my own personal condolences to both armies, as I know how essential and enjoyable warfare is. In the words of the great Frosty the Snowman, “This isn’t goodbye it’s just see you later.” SWAT looks forward to warring with both armies in the future.

Shoutout to SWAT Agent Trainee Aerobly for the cake pictured above!

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

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