✪】Peace In Our Time?-The End of The Undertaker Campaign

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Yesterday afternoon, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Templars signed a peace treaty, signaling the end of the war between the two armies. This marks SWAT’s third war of the year, after ending their conflicts with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Penguins of Madagascar respectfully. According to Dawn, Templars leader, the rationale behind the war was to reclaim their server Jerusalem. In a turn of events, the Templar’s intentions were leaked to SWAT. This allowed Legoman to declare war simultaneously with the enemy army.  

Following SWAT’s successful invasion of Alexandria, the two armies agreed to the terms of the peace treaty. The terms state that the treaty will remain valid for at least two months. However, the armies may extend or shorten the treaty if they both consent.

Terms of the treaty

The Director’s Dispatch reached out to some of SWAT’s troops/agents to get their opinion regarding the end of the war. Here is what they had to say!

What are your thoughts on the war coming to an end? Do you feel that the war should have gone on longer, or do you think it was a good time to end the war?


Well first of all it was a great experience to be in the war. It was really good and sometimes it was hard but we got through it from the great leaders. The war coming to an end is really a win we fought we worked and here we are ending the war with a success. I feel proud ending the war and winning. We finished the war with pom a couple of months ago I feel like it’s time to finish the war and start with an another army because it’s been a long time fighting with TCP and it’s a good time to end

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well honestly i would prefer if the war will be less long because we need some more practice event because just before the war against tcp we fought pom and we need a break bc they are taking that to our advantage. and a other thing about the war ending is that new recruit could actually understand the game because if i was them i just joined but people say LOG ON WE NEED TO BEAT TCP WE NEED TO MAX 35 or some i will be lost so yea now we can actually help new player and have fun in swat !

– Atrix, Staff in Training


I believe that it was a quite justified choice to sign the treaty, we were losing some land during us/uk events. We could’ve gotten land back with Ausia events but we can always conquer more land later. So I guess it was a good idea to cut losses and this also lets us have more fun/recreational events.

– Zooy, Head Officer


We should of went to war longer. Why? More land. But if the armies are settled and made a treaty I guess I don’t have a say in how they work with each other.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


What are your predictions for future SWAT-TCP relations?


So first of all let’s start with swat I’ve been with swat for almost a year now every second swat grows and the staff and staff in training are very good and interesting and as a part of them we are expecting a really good future for swat and as we are doing really good in events swat is gonna have a really interesting future. As for TCP we are not expecting a bad future for TCP because they are at war with us or was at war with us but they are doing well sometimes they win and some we win TCP is gonna have a balanced future as well but not as well as swat why? Because swat is growing way faster.

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well tbh i think for only few month there will be again a little bit of hate because they are ally with our enemies but if G90 and Xing could talk in private like tell what they don’t like what we should improve on both side they could get a good chemistry but first we need to end the war against pom to even try to talk to Xing.

– Atrix, Staff in Training


We will probably stay as enemies but we will probably be on good terms for a while due to our mutual belief that the judging system needs to be revamped. Maybe we might become just like competitors but not enemies which could let us be able to learn from each other’s ways we use to improve our armies. Who knows, only time can tell.

– Zooy, Head Officer


My guess from other wars with them, war won’t stop with TCP until one retires.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


It seems as though the two armies have reached a point of civility for the time being. What do YOU think? Have SWAT and the Templars achieved peace, or will they clash again in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. HOORAH!

✪】End Transmission.

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