Agent Of The Week (13-19/11/22)

Yet another week has passed and surprisingly we’ve arrived at Sunday once again. Well, agents have been fighting but who achieved Agent of The Week this week? Let’s find out!

Credit to Bull Hour

Thanks to Bull for the new pic!!! Well, a new pic, a new post and 3 new agents have been crowned. This week saw SWAT hold another 5 events. The first was a week ago today where we held a U-lead which was followed by SWAT’s farewell to ex-HCOM Broona. On Wednesday, we held our SWAT crusade event in preparation for tournaments. On Friday, we saw a Simon Says event being held for the first time which was followed by our final event of the week, our division battle for Ganger’s Cup where Green came out Victorious.

While this has been a week that has been full of surprises and saw ups and downs, it’s certainly been one where troops have been working hard to succeed. With all kinda of troops fighting for the different titles available, which ones came out on top?

Well for Agent of The Week this person has been working hard in SWAT and has been motivated to try and rise through the ranks, they’ve been attending events, keeping active in chat and showing their loyalty to SWAT. This person is…..


Now, time for the Staff of The Week. This person recently got a promo and they have been working hard to gain that promo, recruiting, verifying/welcoming, helping out, keeping active, attending events and more! This person has been working hard but we hope to see even more of their work in the future! This person is…


Finally, onto the the final award, Recruiter of The Week. This person has been working hard in SWAT since their arrivals months ago, they’ve been a key figure in SWAT’s HCOM team and have achieved this award many times before for their hard work in recruiting and in SWAT overall from being that figure, being active, verifying/welcoming, helping troops (new and old) and much more. This person is…


Thank you all for your hard work in SWAT, we appreciate your work and we love to see it. SWAT can go far and with the Christmas Chaos coming up we aim to WIN but to do that we need everyone’s help so keep supporting us and we aim to make history and make SWAT proud by winning the cup and bring glory to the SWAT RULERS!


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  1. Hi SWAT I am B and the killer126 I want to move up the ranks thanks for reading this bye

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