Agent Of The Week 21-27/08/22

Last week was a hectic week for SWAT, full of changes within the server, changes outside the server and a war was on the horizon. The war is between SWAT/ WV,IW,TCP, HF (WITH). These armies have been battling against us since then, making the week even crazier and making the race for the top even more exciting. But who has risen to the top this week? Let’s find out!

This week, has been a very busy week but the troops’ focus remains on the army and on their progress within it. While there has been some uncertainty, one thing is for sure, there is nothing uncertain about any of these winners. All of these people have been working hard throughout the week to help SWAT, to boost us up and to make sure that SWAT is in the best position it can possible be in.

The week started out with a rap invasion on the sunday, from their we held an ausia on the Monday which was a simple SWAT Team invasion. On the wednesday, we invaded more land and for our final event of the week, on the saturday, we hosted a fast-lane takeover event where we dressed in our car outfits. However, the fun was put to a standstill as the 4 armies took to our server to raid our event. Neither side won or lost, however, there was little between us. SWAT proved that we would stand tall and face any and all challenges that came our way.

Now, for the agent of the week announcement, this person has been fairly active within the swat server this week, attending most events during the week, remaining active and doing their personal best in SWAT to push themselves further

This person is….


This next person, our staff of the week, has been working to try and gain this role for a few weeks now and of course they had plenty of competition trying to do that. However, their skills and determination led them through the week as they boosted the server with their recruiting skills, promoted activity, attending most of our events, showed their passion and motivation in our chats and much more since they joined a while back too.

This person is….


This next person is our recruiter of the week and they have been working hard since joining SWAT trying to prove why they should become the next leader. They have been consistently active, recruiting, promoting activity, attending, organising etc. This person wont stop until they get what they want and they are showing their drive while doing this.

This person is…


Thanks to everyone who has been working hard in SWAT, it’s been amazing to work with all of you, seeing you grow and helping you along the way. The SWAT journey is not for everyone but everyone in the army is currently on it and I hope that you all will continue fighting for your dreams, your goals and I hope that I will and have been able to help you in any way that I can. Never give up, never give in, SWAT always wins. Keep fighting for the titles and one day you’ll get them!


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