Staff/Agent of the Week Interview

Today, we chose our newest Staff and Agent of the week. These people showed their encouragement and loyalty around the army. They are constantly helping out, always coming to events, helping everyone around, and constantly active members! We are so happy and would like to congratulate our newest STAFF OF THE WEEK, WilliamW2010#3770, and our newest AGENT OF THE WEEK, CHRIS183##0211! We were lucky enough to reach these amazing members and get an interview going with them! Read more to see what happened.

Interview with William and Chris

How are you doing today?

I’m GOOD I woke up to the news I got agent of the week and it quite literally made me jump out of my spine

Oh, I bet! That sounds so exciting.. Hopefully, your spine is alright. Also, glad you’re doing well, William! Next question, how long have you been supporting armies?

Since march madness 2021
Unfortunately idk if my spine will be fully okay I might be bendy like those silly bandz grace used to hoard many years ago for the rest of my life but hopefully not!!!
I’ve been supporting armies since I was in 8th grade! 2014ish quite the long time! Started w chaos and then IW and now SWAT!

Oh no, hopefully, it will help! That’s a long time to be in armies, no wonder your spine hurts. Alright on to the next question, what is your favorite moment in SWAT?

The era where L90 recorded events for me
My favorite moments in SWAT was whenever I’d get to spend time in the chat with you, grace, aubz, swirl, orange, and all of my best friends!!!! Quite vague but those moments really mean a lot to me

Awww, that’s so kind of you and we definitely stan L90! If you had 2 words to describe yourself what would they be?

Vodka lover
Roach. Clown.

Wow, that sounds about right, Chris! William, I am concerned… Anways, what is your favorite thing about SWAT and its community?

Events against our enemies
MY BEST FRIENDS who I appreciate SOSOSOSO much I love you all so much y’all are the best and when we meet up one day it’s finna be a party

I like those too , William! Chris,that’s so sweet might cry myself 2 sleep now thank you. What is your favorite color?

Blue, brown, black, grey, white
I feel that on the crying myself to sleep part it be like that sometimes 😢 my favorite color is BLUE! I love blue. Anything blue I love sosososososososososo much

Awesome choices, guys! Do you have any animals?

I literally live on a farm with ducks, hens, goats, rabbits and cats
OMG, I do! Oddly enough she seems to look EXACTLY like yours….. kinda crazy how that is hahaha she’s a female German Shepard named LOKI! Here’s a photo

Chris’s dog Loki on the left, Mares dog Loki90 on the right

OMG She is so precious! She actually does look EXACTLY like my dog, how crazy! Wow, PERIODDDD William you have such adorable animals! ALPHAEM has some competition…. Next question, what advice do you have for those who are wanting to achieve Agent of the Week?

Attend all the events you can
My advice for those who also want agent of the week is to attend events!! Be active!! Be nice to your fellow peers and to treat everyone with respect, the way you want to be treated!

Last question, do you guys have anything else to say to all the readers out there?

I am using paint 3D and putting several photos togheter. SWAT rules
Mare is a furry

-End of Interview-

As we can all see, William and Chris are such amazing members of SWAT! We are so proud of their accomplishments here. Also, I was also able to get an interview with these people to see how they feel about our new Agent and Staff of the week!

-Start of Interview-

Hello, guys! I’m doing an interview for SWAT. How do you feel about your best friend, Chris183, getting AGENTS OF THE WEEK in SWAT?

Orange#9198- “No way LMAO this ain’t a real interview you ain’t fooling me 💀”
mare#195 – “IT is I’m interviewing them ANSWER THE QUESTION
Orange#9198– “I met Christopher aka Charizard Rules aka Cr back in like 2013 when we were in the mighty chaos army. Ever since then, he’s always dreamed of being Agent of the Week. Everyday he would tell me that his main goal was to achieve Agent of the Week. After all the years of hard work, blood, swear, and tears he put in he finally got the award he wanted. As I see him getting the award he’s desperately always wanted, I am so proud of him
swirl#0001- “Ain’t even gonna lie, this man Chris183 really deserved this for months! he’s been working super hard attending every swat event he could he deserved this! 🙏”

graceee#7838- “Although I really hate him… I’m glad to finally see him log on for SWAT after months. It has always been Chris’s dream to receive Agent Of The Week within an army. Purrrr! It’s nuffin!”

Can you say a few words about your teammate, William?
Dizzy#4585- “William is hilarious. I love VC leading with him because he always makes me laugh. I will never forget him saying “I will shove vodka down your throat!” He is a great staff member and I’m glad I get to work with him in SWAT.”
cat#7654 -“William is a great guy! I may not talk to him that much but, he has a nice personality and he’s pretty funny. William is also very smart, friendly and an amazing SWAT staff, hopefully he can get leader one day! :)”
Chris183#0211- “I would like to congratulate William on a job well done and I hope he drinks all the vodka in the world”

-End of Interview-

Congratulations, once again to both of our newest Staff and Agent of the week! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one?

SWAT Leader

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