It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the site for the staff/agent of the week and some may ask why I stopped but I simply couldn’t do it and that’s all there is to it, now I’m in the jam gonna upgrade my ram and call another man to eat some and now I can’t stop rhyming…. Anyhow, here’s your staff/agent of the week post

Normally I would separate the staff and agent of the week announcements but this time they’ll be put together simply because these 2 people have worked well together. One’s a newer member of swat who has been here a lot less long than the staff of the week. The person who has won staff of the week has constantly gone out of their way to help this week during a time when we needed everyone to pull together. The old and the new both came together to create an unstoppable team. They both have worked hard in and out of events. One has been quickly rising through the ranks to try and get as far as they can and hopefully get staff. The other is high ranked already but isn’t going to stop learning and wanting to get even higher up the ranks and one day even lead! Well, it’s time to announce who these 2 lucky people are.

Our Agent OF The Week goes to…….



And Our Staff of the Week goes to….



Congrats to both of you for achieving these statuses’ this week! We’re all proud of your hard work. Those who were in contention and didn’t make it this week, keep trying because you are being noticed, more than you believe and we love the work you’re putting in!!! KEEP IT UP!



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