Returning to the army scene in late 2019 was a curse and a blessing. I was an avid player of CPA from 2014-2017, so seeing that the community was in-fact THRIVING was astonishing. This post may be a hit or miss so don’t expect too much, just a nostalgia ride in short. I’m not going to mention all of the ancient stuff that happened before CPPS CPA to keep this short. Instead, I’ll mention the journey I partook from December 2019-August 2021.

Ice Warriors (December 2019-March 2020)

Popular to contrary belief, I actually led the Ice Warriors! The leadership consisted of Ben, Doggorage, S Cargo2 and I. Though it was a short lived reign, I really enjoyed leading my home army for the first time, and I got to meet tons of amazing people within this army.

Elites (May-August 2020)

The Elites were the first army I was in that weren’t the Ice Warriors in years, and it really was a change of pace. Once again I got to lead with my main man S Cargo2 😩and a few others unfortunately! There were tons of crazy events and Legends Cup was a blast

Special Weapons and Tactics (September 2020-August 2021)

Undoubtedly, SWAT was the greatest army I led throughout my career. I’ve always thought I was better off alone leading, but having co-leaders that knew what they were doing and laid the stress off my shoulders was relaxing. The countless VC’s that took place in the server were hysterical, and I’m just glad I could meet so many enthusiastic people.

Now, I would like to dedicate this part of the post to mention/thank a few people

S Cargo2: I just had to mention you first man. You’ve always been there for me from when I was literally a kid, to a grown ass adult. From drinking on vc together to leading battles, you’ve always been someone I could rely on and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Mare: I think it’s safe to say you’re the funniest and most creative person I ever met. You always DMing me the most random shit always made my day and you’re always brightening someone’s mood, even if you don’t realize it. GET THAT SWAT LEGEND!

Ganger90: You’re literally the reason I’m writing this post right now. I have always been grateful for you taking me into this wonderful army. It’s been a blast leading with the CREATOR, and I learned a lot of life lessons from you G. (not the ones about ur career tho).

Grace: I found it so fascinating and sometimes creepy that we have so much shit in common. From hunting funko pops and just watching anime, you’ve always been there for me no matter what. I’m sure you’ll do fine as leader in SWAT, not only because you’re from the hood, but you’re always motivated to complete any task no matter what.

Oli: I’ll never forget the many arguments we’ve had about Star Wars or Marvel, or us agreeing that The Weeknd is the most talented artist of the 21st century. Also, stop playing the white knight in castle crashers unironically, because you might get cancelled one day for that shiz

Legoman: I see so much of myself in you it’s hilarious. You have been the best brother I could ask for in this community, and I’m so thankful for that. Just stop getting yourself into problems, it isn’t worth it in the end of the day. Enjoy your time here and enough with the CONTROVERSY legoman!!!!!!!!!!!

Tia: Now, our friendship might’ve not been the most HEALTHY during times, but you’re the coolest british person I know. It’s unfortunate that we became really distant from each other but I’m glad we could squash the stupid beef that happened. Nah but fr get tf outta here and enjoy your life like you’ve been saying

Clindsz: Socklover, simp for half of IW. Now I know we just kinda stopped talking to each other for like half a year but you’re so memorable I had to say something about your fetish for socks. I swear we’ll finish AOT it’ll happen pls;l,slk,m

Aisha: Now I literally don’t even talk to you at all anymore, but you were such an amazing person to me last year. Not only did you carry me in chemistry but you hosted tutoring lessons for FREE! I’ll get you those chocolate coins/dollars eventually, don’t worry

Kaliee: Same with mare, I hope you eventually achieve SWAT legend. You’ve done many great things for this army and you don’t even recognize it! LEAD US TO VICTORY DESTINY770

Ninja, Clout, Shinde, the rest of the grapes: this post is getting too long but just know I love every single one of y’all to DEATH

Club Penguin Armies has been a strange experience for sure, but I would never trade it for anything.

Signing off,

-Firestar08 SWAT Leader

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  1. Thank you for everything, Firestar! We will miss you in SWAT and never forget all your hard work here.

  2. Don’t just follow where life takes you, take yourself where you want to go in life. Wish you the best of luck in your next expedition and SWAT will miss you leading.

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  4. Love you fire

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