AGENT OF THE WEEK 26/07 – 01/08

Another week passes by and another Agent Of The Week will be crowned! Who will become Agent Of The Week this week? Let’s find out!

Another week has passed and once again agents have been batting it out in events to try and become Agent Of The Week. This week hasn’t been our best week, however, that doesn’t take anything away from the AOTW this week or their hard work in SWAT as they have been attending most events and have worked their way to the top of the rankings! We have seen new faces also arise in the rankings but was their appearance enough to grab them the top spot this week??

This Agent Of The Week is……..



Congratulations to Alice who earned AOTW this week with 33 points at the top of the rankings! There was a race at the top of the leaderboard and Alice has come out on top after their work in SWAT! Don’t worry if you didn’t get Agent Of The Week this week because you can try for next week! Keep working hard and you will make it far but only if you all believe in yourselves

Now, let’s see who was in the top 3 (Due to a tie for 4/5/6/7 only the top 3 will be shown today)


  1. Alice = 33
  2. Cole = 26
  3. Gromit = 22

Congratulations to Alice who gained Agent Of The Week but also to Cole and Gromit. Cole has been working hard within SWAT and Gromit is a new face who we love to see in the top 3 for their first week of events in SWAT!!

Always try your best and you will succeed, if you succeed, we succeed too because we are one. Troops make the army and keep it running so thank you all for trying your best week in and week out.

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