Crunching the Doritos

Today, Special Weapons and Tactics went up against the Doritos of Club Penguin for the second time. This battle was filled with lots of excitement, surprises, and joy. Both teams putting up a strong fight against eachother, read more to see what happened and the results of the battle!

Max:35 Avg:30


Today, SWAT took home the dub and performed amazingly. The team was unmatchable with their awesome formations, quick tactic changes, and higher max. SWAT wiped out DCP in all three rooms! Aside from that, the Army of Club Penguin tried raiding the event. This event was definitely crazy and a memorable one. However, everyone should remember that SWAT will never be defeated and we are unstoppable! #SWATFOREVER

Lebron supporting SWAT’s Victory!

Thank you all for coming today we truly appreciate everyone and we couldn’t of won without you all supporting SWAT. We are the best out there, never forget that! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our next event!

SWAT Leader

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