Agent of The Week – Interview

Today we will be interviewing the Special Weapons and Tactics, Agent of The Week, Oli. He has been working very hard in SWAT and we were fortunate enough to have an interview with him. Read more below to find out how it went.

We will be starting our interview now!

First question! What are your hobbies?

Oooo I see I see. Next question, what’s your favorite color?

Oooo that’s a lovely color. Here’s an important one, cats or dogs?
Dog’s because I have one! She is called Willow.

Omg!! How cute!! Willow is very adorable. Next question, what type of music do you listen too?
Don’t Let Me Down and Never Gonna Give You Up.

What’s your favorite things about SWAT?
The events and all the people!

So tell me, when’s your birthday?
It’s the 26th of January.

Do you have a favorite SWAT memory you’d like to share?
Maybe filling in gaps in formations in events and LEGO says well done Oli.

Frfr gotta keep them gaps closed and you do a wonderful job for SWAT! Do you play any video games?

Yeah, Minecraft and well other stuff.

We should play MC together sometime! Okay! Last question, do you have anything to say to our new troops or those reading this?
Yeah. Do the events!! Then you will be here were I am now.

That’s very true! Okay thank you so so so much, Oli!

That concludes our interview with, Oli! As you can see, Oli is a dedicated member of SWAT and a hard worker. Also, he is possibly the reincarnation of SWAT Godfather, Stare3000. Thank you for letting us interview you, Oli! Who knows, maybe the person reading this will be the next Agent of The Week!
Until next time…

SWAT Third in Command

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  1. Love this post, thank you Kayla for interviewing! Also, congratulations Oli!! We are so proud of you! #SWATFAMBESTFAM

  2. […] ropes and how to lead even as a troop. He gained Agent Of The Week in April and with this came an interview which let those in SWAT get to know a bit more about Oli, someone who had only been in SWAT […]

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