The Tragedy Of A Failed Abortion

Greetings, comrades and/or viewers of the living hell we call a community. Sit down, relax and continue reading if you’d like to listen to a story we have to share.

For the past week, an army that calls themselves the Army of Club Penguin has decided that they’re an innocent, sweet and a great army. Innocent is not a word they, or anyone else should be using. Those whom haven’t seen the proof of ACP multilogging, I advise you to very quickly give it a glance here. If you have, you know all about Trader’s little schemes. To see where he claims others multilog to cover up his own tracks can be found (here).  Before I continue, shall we explain Sercan’s infamous photo editing scandal? As well as Funk’s multilogging? As there are far more topics that vary among ACP not being innocent, but unfortunately we don’t have the time.

For an army to legitimately claim everyone around them multilog just because they’re bigger than them, you’d expect that they do not condone multilogging. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to cover up their own tracks as former troops from Trader’s own army turned him in! So basically, ACP would be maxing 4 if it weren’t for Trader’s super fast sonic speed lightning strike computer to get them up to 12+.

Today at the Champions Cup versus the Water Vikings, ACP claimed to get the sizes of 23. Below you can see them getting 17, and the people marked blue are those from other armies.

At least 6 people were from other armies. So that leaves ACP with only 11 “real” troops. Now we continue to their claim of us multilogging. Without any proof that is logical, they failed to find anything. The equivalent of evidence found was the same amount of all the fucks I give. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I don’t give any fucks. Hehe!

Before I conclude this post I’d like to give a big shoutout to the big man Trader, or should I say tween since he’s 12, who who single handedly managed to kill ACP in three weeks. Trader, if you want war, declare it yourself. Quit being a pussy man! Too scared?

Apollo – SWAT Leader

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  1. A fellow troop from SWAT told me this.

  2. i like men

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