Awesome AUSIA!

Hello Agents!

Today our AUSIA forced logged on to train on the server Mammoth and we did another outstanding job, maxing 26 and averaging 25! We started at the town, and then instead of using our maps, we mixed it up a bit going from room to room j bombing until we got to the cove. Tactics were a bit rocky, but for the most part near perfect. Lets keep up the good work, AUSIA agents!

^Trader when ACP maxes 7.

Our AUSIA has come a long way since day 1, and we will only get better. Lets keep it up, SWAT!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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  1. Don’t know what formations we did but they looked good. xD! Nice AUSIA SWAT, 1st this week!

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