Alright so, first, a brief explanation of what happened. On DCP’s battle schedule, they had the invasion of Beanbag scheduled for tonight, but for the server they wrote Big Surf. Beanbag is never a 5 bar so I don’t see how or why this came about, but it gets better.

I pced Mustapha about 10 minutes before the battle to see what server we were going on. He said Beanbag, and then logged on Big Surf. I don’t know what it is, if Mustapha was just scared because he knew all 4 of us would be bigger than DCP or if he just has special needs and doesn’t know how to correctly schedule a battle.

Anyways, we successfully defend Beanbag due to DCP logging on the wrong server. IW was raided by bots, BMA logged off early, so again, us and DW teamed up in town for a combined max of 40. We were both smaller than the previous two battles, because its hard to get the same size 30 minutes after you logged off for the previous battle.

Mach is also playing games, helping DCP at their recent events before the war, claiming to be their “main advisor”. He’s currently an owner on their chat.

Very fair, very fair indeed, Mach.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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