So remember when you said you weren’t afraid of the Power Alliance and that you’d destroy us all.

Is that why you asked RPF to hold on to your nation for you? 🙁

Today DCP, deliberately went on a different server for the battle of Beanbag and then claimed they successfully invaded it. That’s not all, they also claimed to have MAXED 80+. LOL. Shut up please. You had no more than 60, DCP. Stop tooting you’re own horn, you know this alliance is bigger than you, otherwise why would you go on a separate server then to avoid our forces? Are you that scared?

They also said that together our alliance only maxes 25.

If only I could count as well as Mustapha. :'(

Let’s not forget, that’s ONLY DW AND SWAT. BMA was in another room with 35, and you’re lucky IW keeps getting raided by bots, otherwise we’d be maxing well over 100 as an alliance.

Save the stupidity Musta, everyone already knows who’s going to win this war, and please, update your battle schedule, you have a TON of defenses to post. 🙂

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

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