Breaking DCP – Victory on Ice Breaker!

post by Nitro52

LOADING RESULTS……… Victorious!

Hello! As a whole, we maxed 35+ at this battle. 🙂

In our third battle of the day, we successfully invaded Ice Breaker from DCP. We personally didn’t do very well in this battle, because the DSGHQ moderators think they are hot shit. Right before the battle they made a rule where if you’re a member of SWAT, you will be banished from Old CP forever. I don’t know if they were bluffing or not, but many of our special agents took it seriously. We went from 35 to 22 on chat.

Doritos of CP linking IP grabbers.

DCP linking IP grabbers.

Also, during the battle, the evil DCP decided to come on our chat and link IP grabbers. The Doritos are so scared that they feel the need to resort to ddosing our troops. That is just a shame. The fact that they did that, AND DIDN’T SHOW UP is cowardice that goes beyond even ACP’s level. This is why The Power Alliance has been formed. To put an end to the DCP’s evil reign over this community. It Ends Here. The Power Alliance will stop you.





Comment if you came!

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