Message To IW Leaders


Status – 100% Loaded

It may come to your attention that we have half-avoided your pathetic invasions. Well, in case you didn’t realize, we don’t own any of them. If you remember well, we got bombarded by the Army of Club Penguin in the summer and lost all of our nation, eventually surrendering terms. Since then, we’ve been a freelance army and have had no real deal with servers, because the concept of server ownership is pretty stupid anyway since every army claims to own the same servers. The only reason we accepted your proposals in the first place was because you lied like the peasants you are, stating we stole your troops, when in fact, if I check around, I see loads of SWAT troops with blue nameglow and Ice Warriors in their name. Who’s the evil army now?

For the most recent event, supposedly on Mammoth, Rishron was being a peasant and lying to me.

Rishron then tried changing his mind saying it was on Mammoth again and that the Ice Warriors were already on Mammoth, which is hardly my fault? He decided that I was in the wrong for logging my troops on Christmas even though he clearly said Christmas and then was making up the excuse of how he was messaging that to Mustapha, even though nobody with a brain would dare believe this idiot.

We logged on Mammoth then off again because of how pointless this is. We aren’t fighting to defend a server, we’d be fighting for naught, which is why we’ve decided to just ignore you completely. If you would like to attack your allies, the Army of Club Penguin, then go ahead.

According to IW, we own the servers that we lost to ACP. As I said, you can talk to ACP regarding that.

Just fo’ sho’.

If you’d like to talk about this meet me and the rest of the leaders on a random chat but first PC one of us. NOTE: THIS ISN’T A SURRENDER.

Dwain, SWAT Leader

2 Responses

  1. IW are so cheap they only attack armies that begin to rise because they’re too scared to fight bigger armies and want cheap easy wins. They were even idiots to think we owned Glacial, Mammoth, and Walrus in the First place. Ice Warriors think they’re the best and make lies about other armies. I must have been an idiot thinking to join them.

  2. We basically were in the middle of a war between ACP and IW

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